12 of the Best Cherry Dessert Recipes

Do you love cherry desserts? Then this is the round up for you!

Our pick of 12 of the best cherry dessert recipes around. Enjoy!

Cherry desserts are a delicious way to enjoy that abundant amount of fresh cherries you may have just picked from your cherry tree or have stockpiled in the freezer. 

Of course, if you do not have access to fresh cherries or if you miss out on the short cherry season, canned cherries can also be used for a variety of different desserts.

This also makes it easy to make desserts with cherries in them all year round.

This list of cherry deserts includes both fresh cherries and canned cherries so that no matter what you have on hand, you can find a tasty dessert for your gatherings, parties, or to enjoy after a nice dinner.

Here are 12 of the best cherry dessert recipes your family and friends will LOVE:

A delicious and easy no-bake cherry trifle dessert that’s layered with angel food cake, pudding, cherry pie filling, and then topped with whipped topping.

A bit like a take on a traditional English trifle, perhaps? Yum!

This dessert looks so delicious you almost want to just sit and admire it!

It’s also a no bake dessert that is super easy to make and super delicious if you decide to dig in!

A homemade chocolate pastry, cherry filling, and a delicious chocolate cherry drizzle creates the most delicious chocolate cherry dessert.

This one will elicit ooh's and aah's at the dinner table!

A beautiful dessert that can be served at any gathering, this cherry cream cheese crescent ring is a delicious treat that everyone will enjoy.

A simple cherry poke cake that has a hint of almond to it, this delicious dessert is going to be a must-try!

This beautiful and bright cherry tart uses lime and cherry pie filling to make the perfect dessert for summer.

Anyone else licking the screen right now...?

Perfect for holidays or for a finger dessert, this chocolate cherry fudge is no bake and super delicious.

Oh my days...

Nothing says delicious like this creamy amaretto cherry bundt cake!

This delicious dessert will be a hit with everyone.

Full of summer flavours, this peach and cherry amaretto crisp is a deliciously fresh dessert that will leave you wishing you had made two!

A delicious soft chocolate cake with sweet-tart cherries, and a chocolate whipped cream frosting, this dessert is impossible to resist.

Easy and tasty, you won’t be able to get enough of these easy to make cherry pie bars! 

Vanilla cake and cherry pie filling are topped with a crisp oat crumble and a vanilla bean buttercream icing to make this delicious cherry crisp cake.

5 more delicious cherry recipes:

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