10 Quick Ways to Save Up Some Cash Fast

Saving can seem like an insurmountable task when your bills and expenditure are going up every week.

Just how can you start pulling some cash together for a day out with your children, birthday presents or the big Christmas supermarket shop?

But even when money is tight, there are ways to start saving some cash for a rainy day.

Here are our favourite ways to save some quick cash fast:

1. Start Small

Every time you get a £2 coin or $5 bill, pop it in an envelope or money box and forget about it.

It's a small amount you won't miss and could easily waste on frivolous purchases so you won't miss it too much.

And you'll be surprised by just how much money you can get together with this little tip.

2. Save on Payday

Before naything else happens to your money move £100 / $100 or some other amount you can definitely afford to another account.

If you make the saving account difficult to access, e.g. you have to give notice before withdrawal or you have to physically go to a bank or building society to take it out, it will make you think twice before using it.

3. Clear Your Fridge

Designate one or two nights of the week to 'clear the fridge out' dinners.

Before you spend another penny at the supermarket, conjure up some delicious meals with just what you have in your fridge combined with store cupboard ingredients.

This way you stop food waste AND save money = win-win!

4. Save as You Shop

Even when you're trying to be as careful with money as possible, there are still times when you need to make a purchase.

Somebody has outgrown their shoes, they need a new pencil case, there's a birthday coming up.

Whatever it is, save as you spend by using a cashback site or maximising the ways to save.

If you use supermarket loyalty vouchers, cashback, voucher codes and special offers, you need never pay full price for anything!

5. Do a 52-Week Challenge

This one is brilliant if you have a longer term savings goal or just want to get into the habit of saving.

Week one you start by saving $1 or £1, the second week $2 / £2, the third week $3 / £3 and so on.

By the end of the year you will have saved $1378 / £1378, the perfect start for a house, car or holiday fund!

If you want to save quicker, grab this $1000 in 30 Days Challenge Tracker:

6. Shop Around

Take a trip around the different supermarkets in your area to see what their prices are like.

Try some items from different ranges or go down a brand level at your usual supermarket.

You may find some you don't like at all, but others may be a pleasant - and money-saving - surprise.

After all, many own brand products are from the same producers as these insider secrets show.

Shop at pound / dollar stores and local markets too to get much, much more for your money.

Before you go shopping, write a meal plan for the week.

That way you will only be buying the food you need for each meal, so no food waste and you'll also avoid temptation in the aisles.

You could also consider shopping online to avoid the temptation of all the bright and shiny supermarket goodies!

7. Cook!

Seriously, if you don't cook at home from scratch most days of the week, you are throwing money away!

Convenience foods all come at a price - for your wallet and your health.

Start buying real ingredients and cooking meals yourself to boost your health and your bank balance.

The same goes for baked goods. If your family likes biscuits and cakes, it's time you learn how to bake!

8. Take Coffee and Lunch Out

Get into the habit of always making extra when you cook so you can take leftovers to work with you the next day.

I read about someone making a pact with their coworkers: whoever forgets to pack a lunch or caves and orders in has to do 30 pushups in front of the rest of the team. What a motivator!

Same goes for all those take out coffees. Invest in a reusable cup, or even a flask, choose a great lunchbox and make your own coffee and lunch to take with you.

Avoiding Costa or Starbucks could save you more than £50 over a month!

9. Kids Snack Constantly!

For families, if you're meeting friends at the park, take snacks or a picnic with you.

Kids eat pretty much all the time, so having food on hand every time you leave the house will save you a fortune.

Even a few pieces of fruit tossed in your bag as you go out the door will help - seriously, apples are your friend!

10. Check What's Left

At the end of the month, right before payday, see what's left in your bank account.

Divide this into two parts - one half to pay towards any debts you have, the second to pay into a savings account.

It may not seem like much, but with the other savings tips above, it can really add up.

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