How to Save Money Every Time You Shop on Amazon

Next week is Amazon Prime Day and you may be wondering just what all the hype is about.

But we also have some tips for you on how to save money every time you shop at Amazon, whether it's Prime Day or not.

Yep, there are lots of ways to save money every single time you make a purchase from Amazon!

OK, elephant in the room time, Amazon is a huge empire taking over the galaxy, and there are plenty of people who choose not to shop there at all. I get that.

But for convenience, price, speed of delivery and range, they really are hard to beat - especially when you're stuck at home and not able to get out to all your regular shops like we have been this year!

I have been an Amazon Prime member for years and love to shop there especially on Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday when there are some monumental deals.

But the rest of the year when I need some new books for a home education project with the girls or we need to update our art cart with new supplies, it's Amazon I turn to.

However, it would be foolish to always assume that Amazon has the best prices and I always have a quick shop around if I have time or the item costs more than a few pounds.

Here are out tips for saving money every time you shop on Amazon:

1. Get Prime

For just a few pounds a month for Amazon Prime membership you get all of these benefits:
  • Free delivery
  • Free Amazon Fresh grocery deliveries
  • Morrisons on Amazon
  • Prime Video
  • Prime Video Channels (TV channel subscriptions)
  • Amazon Music
  • Kindle First and Prime Reading
  • Prime Wardrobe Try Before You Buy
  • Amazon Family
So that's grocery deliveries, free TV, free music, free Kindle books, try before you buy clothes and shoes and Amazon Family discounts on top of free delivery and access to the Amazon Prime Day sale. 

Bargain? I think so!

2. Use Prime Carefully

If you're not that bothered about Prime Video or Music and all you really need is some fast delivery a few times a year plus access to the Prime Day sales, you could consider switching Amazon Prime on and off.

Opt for the pay monthly option on sign up or toggle to monthly at your next annual renewal and just pay for the months you need.

So you would pay for October (Amazon Prime Day this year) and November (Christmas shopping) then stop your renewals for the rest of the year until Prime Day comes round again.

This way you get to use Prime when it's handy for you, rather than paying for a whole year. Just remember to cancel your membership when your shopping is finished!

3. Become a Student

You might also want to consider your desire to learn, interest in your course, future prospects and other factors, but half price Amazon Prime is a great reason to become a student!

If you have an approved email address (ending .edu in the US or in the UK) you can sign up for Prime Student with all the benefits of Prime and extra exclusive deals for students too.

Most importantly, you get a whopping 6 MONTH free trial to make sure you like it! Then half price for the rest of your student career.

4. Join Amazon Family

If you have kids, especially a baby or toddler, join Amazon Family to get 20% off subscriptions, including nappies/diapers. That way they turn up on the regular AND you save money!

You will also get exclusive coupons and deals plus baby registry benefits, as well as all the usual Amazon Prime benefits.

5. Keep an Eye on a Bargain

Amazon prices often change by the day or even by the hour! Look for deals and offers coming up. The best way to do this is to put items in your shopping basket where Amazon will update the prices as they change.

Then you can sweep in and grab it at the best price. To make sure the price is a bargain, check other sites and use CamelCamelCamel to check previous prices on Amazon itself.

You will also save big during Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday when prices are often at their lowest. If you can, leave your big purchases for these times of year and get your timing right.

6. Use Subscribe and Save

For items you purchase regularly, staple items like vitamins and toiletries, use the Subscribe and Save option to get a discount of up to 15%.

We use it for various bathroom items and Feliway refills for the cats. The advantage of this is they just turn up every month and I don't have to remember to order them!

7. Shop with Prime Rewards

If you are in the market for a credit card, get an Amazon Prime Rewards credit card.

You get money off your order or a gift card on sign up.

The credit card is fee free but as it is only for Amazon Prime members you do have to pay that fee.

With the credit card you get 5% back for all qualifying Amazon and Whole Foods Market purchases and 1-2% on other spending.

You can spend the points on further Amazon purchases or other rewards. 

As with all credit cards, only borrow what you can afford to pay back and be sure to pay the full balance off every month so you don't accrue interest.

8. Ditch Prime

Even if you don't sign up for Prime most items will offer fast delivery, and free for purchases over £20. So you save on Prime membership and still get great prices and cheap or even free and fast delivery.

But you will miss out on free Amazon Music and free Prime Video which are the BEST benefits of Prime Membership in our house!

Follow these smart tips and you can start saving money on Amazon, whether it's Prime Day, Black Friday or any other day of the year!

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