7 Easy Steps to Save Money on Amazon Every Time You Shop

These days more and more of us are shopping online, and Amazon is one of our favourite places to shop.

But do you know how to save money every time you shop on Amazon?

It's ideal for those looking for items they cannot find locally and for when we want to avoid going out.

Particularly with the 18 months we've had, going out when we don't really have to is to be avoided!

After all, we have all realised we can manage perfectly well with a supermarket shop and a couple of online stores.

But one thing a lot of people don't realise is just how much money we can save when shopping on Amazon.

These 7 easy tips will help you to save money on Amazon every time you shop.

1. Amazon Prime Subscription

Having an Amazon Prime subscription is so important for saving money on Amazon.

This allows you to place small orders like when you find a single great deal on amazon without having to pay for shipping.

There are several programmes to help those with low incomes from those on EBT to college students to help make the cost of an Amazon Prime subscription more affordable.

2. Subscribe and Save

Subscribe and Save is one of the most popular programmes for saving money on Amazon.

For families, the Amazon Family programme allows you to save a lot of money on nappies, wipes, and other needs for your baby by using subscribe and save.

To get the most value from the subscribe and save programme you need to keep 5 or more items on your subscribe and save for each month.

This means you can keep items you use on a regular basis or shop around and add deals you find until you hit the 5 minimum each month, then cancel after your items are received allowing you to save a lot of money.

For items you are unsure about needing next month you can set the subscribe and save to run as far as every 6 months giving you time to cancel or request an earlier shipment if the price drops in the meantime.

Your Subscribe and save items will show up in your recent orders a while before they ship giving you time to change your mind if you keep track of your recent orders on a regular basis.

3. Amazon Warehouse

Amazon Warehouse is the section on Amazon where they sell returned items for a large discount.

These items often have damaged boxes or arrive wrapped in plastic.

The deals here cover everything ranging from electronics to toys and even food.

Checking these deals often allows you to save money and build a stock pile of pantry staples for your family or to get a head start on your Christmas shopping allowing you to save a lot of money on toys and other items.

These deals are updated all day every day so it's a good idea to check regularly, especially when you have some budget free for gifts or those little extras for your family.

If you are shopping for something like Christmas at the end of the year you can even plan to check these deals several times a day to help catch the good stuff.

4. Reduced Shipping Speed Credits

If your family likes to enjoy Amazon's digital services like Prime Music, Prime Video rentals and Kindle books you can use the reduced shipping speed credits that are sometimes offered at checkout to help lower your spending.

These credits are often offered during times of high demand to allow Amazon to put these orders to the side for an extra day or two so they can keep processing times faster.

If you do not need the item right away it is worth choosing the reduced shipping speed to enjoy the free movie rentals or e-books.

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5. Coupons

Facebook has a lot of great deals and coupon groups that are all about helping you find coupon codes and deals to save on fun stuff.

These coupons are offered by Amazon sellers that need to clear their stock as they pay for storage in Amazon facilities.

So when btheir items are not selling as fast as they had thought they would, they need to clear excess stock.

Amazon coupon sites are another great way to get coupon deals on Amazon.

Just like with the groups, these coupons are offered to clear stock and you can find a lot of fun things on these sites.

The most popular place for these deals is Vipon where you can get codes individual to you from the large selection of offerings.

6. Shop the Big Sales

Amazon hosts daily deals and several BIG sales each year including Black Friday and Prime Day sales

These large sales offer some of the best deals of the year on top items, making this a good time to shop for things you need around the house or gifts for loved ones for when the holidays roll around.

Plan ahead to have a budget set aside for these sales to make the most of the offers.

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7. Earn free gift cards

There are several places online where you can earn free gift cards doing things like web searches, surveys, and even earn gift cards from doing your everyday shopping.

These can add up fast allowing you to set aside Amazon gift cards for shopping and to save money overall.

If you can, save them up for the big sales mentioned above: Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day.

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