14 of the Most Fun Creative Crayola Gifts Kids Will Love

Fun Crayola gifts allow children to get creative with their play. Crayola has always been on top of providing great fun - and educational - activities for kids to do.

It’s all about the hands-on act activities with Crayola and their kits and activity projects have become so popular with children.

Who wouldn’t want to get creative with their hands to create something fun and entertaining?

These fun Crayola gifts for kids will have them using their imaginations and their hands to create their own unique items.

You can give these as gifts or when you want some fun and educational activities for kids to do throughout the year.

14 of the Most Fun Creative Crayola Gifts Kids Will Love

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Three arctic color-changing pets that kids can take on a wilderness adventure in the arctic snow!

The pets change colour depending on the temperature making it fun for pretend play.

A complete paint set that includes a dual-sided easel.

The set comes with washable paint pots, pencils, brushes, paper, and more.

An easy-to-use pottery wheel is included allowing kids to sculpt and paint like a pro.

The kids can use a variety of different tools included in the set to create their own masterpieces.

A huge collection of washable markers, colouring supplies, and stickers is what you will find in this Crayola scrapbook activity set.

It all comes in a carrying case so kids can take it anywhere.

This dinosaur activity set includes dinosaur-themed colouring pages, washable crayons, and pop-out story scenes that will be a blast for children.

Let your budding artist get creative with this fun Crayola easel.

They can use their imaginations to design repeatedly.

If you want to give the gift of painting, this washable paint set includes everything they will need to get started.

It’s perfect for beginning painters.

The light-up brush lights up in different colours to match the colour of paint your child wants to use.

It’s great for toddlers and they will love getting creative.

With 40 unicorn-themed colouring pages, glitter crayons, markers, and sticker sheets, kids will have a blast with this mini art kit.

Kids will love creating their very own markers with this activity set.

The set has step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and fun.

Who doesn’t love sprinkles?

Now kids can get even more creative with sprinkles and design their own images with this sprinkle shaker set.

Kids can colour, wash, and play with this fun backyard animal playset.

They will love designing their own little pets and playing with them.

Using modelling clay, kids can create their own food and kitchen toys.

The Model Magic clay is non-toxic, and kids can decorate them with glitter, googly eyes and markers.

Let kids get creative by making their own hair accessories!

The glitter dot salon will have them create charms, barrettes, headbands, and hair bands.

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