The Best BABY ANNABELL Dolls, Gift Sets and Accessories 2023 - Christmas Gift Guide

Most children love imaginative roleplay and a baby doll is the perfect focus for nurturing play.

From toddlers up to age 9 or even older, a baby doll can be looked after and become the centre of lots of fun playtimes, and no doll is better than Baby Annabell!

Read on for our pick of the best Baby Annabell dolls and doll play gifts and accessories this year...

Baby Annabell dolls are wonderful for encouraging imaginative roleplay.

These sweet, lifelike dolls make the most treasured gifts and if your child already has a doll there is a whole host of other gifts they will love to play with alongside their favourite baby.

From the doll herself to charming clothes and accessories for your loving doll parent to play with, we have something to suit all gift-giving needs.

Baby Annabell is the UK’s number 1 nurturing doll brand,  so check out the adorable range below.

Let Baby Annabell herself help you find the perfect present for your little ones!

Is your child asking Santa for a doll this Christmas? Check out the adorable new range from Baby Annabell.

The new Active Annabell, Leah and Alexander dolls come with advanced features including a soft fabric body, mouth movements for bottle feeding and lifelike giggling and crying sounds.

They also have an innovative new 'gym mode' feature for activated arm and leg movement, for even more lifelike and nurturing doll play.

The brand-new Emily Walk with Me doll is the perfect gift for parents who want to develop their children's nurturing and emotive skills.

Kids will have lots of fun helping Emily learn to walk. When you hold her hands, she practices walking by taking small steps and when no hand is available or if she’s in a hurry, she crawls on her knees.

New for any little Princesses in the family, the Baby Annabell Little Sweet Princess is the ideal gift this Christmas.

This doll has a soft body and beautiful hair. She comes with her own brush for creating hairstyles fit for royalty and when you give her a little kiss, she makes kissing noises in return and her cheeks blush from excitement!

For children 1 and over and to offer a first introduction to the world of nurturing doll play, the Baby Annabell My First Annabell is the ideal gift this Christmas.

The 30cm doll comes with a soft cuddly body, miniature bottle for feeding time, and even closes her eyes when you lie her down for nap time.

Already got a Baby Annabell doll they LOVE?

Baby Annabell's adorable host of playsets are the ideal gifts for little ones this Christmas!

Take a look of some of the best Baby Annabell accessories, the perfect gift to treat your kid - and their favourite baby doll friend.

The new Baby Annabell Lunch Time Feeding Set is the perfect accessory for feeding Baby Annabell on the go.

Cased in a cute pear exterior, it's easy to open the lid and choose to feed Baby Annabell a delicious fruit
compote or baby porridge.

To hear Baby Annabell eat, simply touch the yellow part of the pink spoon to Annabell's lips.

The ideal present for any little mummies and daddies on the go, the Baby Annabell Changing Bag fits all of Baby Annabell's items in one place.

Features an adorable Day & Night scene on either side of the bag and a shoulder strap for easy holding.

The bag includes a changing mat, pretend powder pot, teething ring and nappy so kids and Baby can equipped and ready, whatever the occasion!

For any little explorers in the making - and future attachment parents! - the Baby Annabell Active Cocoon Carrieris the ultimate gift this Christmas.

Children can take Baby Annabell out and about with the carrier, worn on eithertheir front or back - perfect for allowing Baby Annabell to see the world, or cuddles with mummy or daddy.

The first gift for a baby is a memorable experience for any little mummies and daddies - making the Baby Annabell First Arrival Set the perfect gift this Christmas.

Featuring a beautiful short sleeved romper, soft trousers, printed tshirt and an adorable cosy jacket, the options for dress up are endless.

What's more, the set comes with a cloud print box and handles for changing on the go!

For the ultimate bath time experience, gift your child the Baby Annabell Let's Play Bath Time.

The bathtub has a special 'water' effect thatrises either side of the tub to reveal a fun under-the-sea pattern, accompanied with light up panels.

What's more, you can press the heart-shaped button on the shower head to create fun splashing sounds.

For hours of endless fun, the Baby Annabell Lunch Time Table is the perfect gift. Pick what Annabell would like to eat that day - will it be peas, carrots, berries or custard?

The light on the top of the table shines green if Baby Annabell likes her choice, or red if she would like something else to eat.

Children can also put the spoon to her mouth to elicit 'yummy' or'noo' sounds for lifelike play time.


Children will love playtime with Baby Annabell in her remote-controlled baby walker!

Simply pop her in the comfy seat and off she goes.

Moving in all directions, they can turn her right and left and beep the horn!

Whether its a new doll or accessory your child is after this Christmas, Baby Annabell has you covered with a range of dolls, accessories and playsets for a fun and imaginative playtime!

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