10 Simple Organization Hacks that Will Make Your Busy Mum Life Easier

As a busy mum your days are full, often crazy, and often slightly chaotic.

Whether you stay at home with your little ones, work from home, or head out to a workplace each day the truth remains the same, a mother’s 'to do' list is never ending.

We're busy completing dozens of tasks everyday and, quite honestly, it's exhausting!

But there are ways to make it easier on yourself. Read on for 10 simple organization hacks that will make your busy mum life easier.

There are lots of simple to implement things that will make your busy mum life easier, free up time and help you find some more breathing space in your day.

Here are 10 of our favourites...

10 Simple Organization Hacks that Will Make Your Busy Mum Life Easier

1. Keep a go bag ready

You've seen those spy films where they have a go bag ready at all times? You need that in your life!

You no doubt had a changing bag packed at all times when your little person was a baby, ready to head out the door on errands or to baby groups etc.

Well don't let that go as they get older! You may want to switch your changing bag out to something cooler like a parent backpack, but the principle is the same.

Pack a change of socks, maybe a clean t-shirt too, lots of snacks, a pack of wipes, any medication they may need, a jumper in the colder weather and a microfibre towel in the summer.

You'll be ready for most emergencies with those few things!

2. Baby wipes are your secret weapon
Following on from your go bag, just remember that baby wipes are life, and having them with you at all times will help you get out of many a tricky situation!

They can clean shoes if you forgot to polish them, they can clean your house and work surfaces.

Your bathroom can be cleaned by them and they mop up any stains like drops of toothpaste or messes on clothes.

If you prefer a more sustainable option, we LOVE - and have saved a fortune with! - Cheeky Wipes.

3. Wash bath toys in the dishwasher

For some unknown reason, bath toys are one of the hardest things to keep clean.

They so easily fill with stagnant water or have little creases and crevices that hold dirt.

Every so often, round up all the plastic bath toys and chuck them in the dishwasher on a warm to hot cycle.

They'll be clean in no time.

4. Make Sunday your planning and organising time

It is SO good to be organised ahead of time, and Sunday is one of those days that you can feel more motivated than ever to get ready for the week, so take advantage of it.

You could use the time to get any uniform or clothes ironed for the week and set out.

Seriously, owning the prep the night before and setting those clothes out each day will make you feel like you are seriously winning in the parenting stakes!

So on Sundays take some time to plan your week out in terms of logistics for appointments and pick-ups along with after-school activities etc.

There's plenty you can prepare ahead, even your meal plan and grocery shopping can be planned out in advance.

It will save you so much thinking and organising time in the week that can then be used for other things - even if it's just a few minutes in the garden with a cup of coffee!

5. Keep a basket of toys in your bedroom

Children don’t seem to have the wake-up time down, do they?

You are either dragging the out of bed for school, preschool, or nursery, or on the day they can sleep a little extra like a weekend they are bouncing around at the first sign of sun, am I right?

Children tend to creep into your bedroom when they first wake, so my suggestion would be to have a little basket or box in your room near your bed full of toys and books.

While they are happily occupying themselves you can use the time to get a few extra minutes of sleep, or slowly come to terms with the fact that you are needing to get up.

Getting out of bed less abruptly can definitely help your mood for the rest of the day!

6. Have a decent bed to keep up with the family chaos

Just as they like to wake up at the crack of dawn, some families find that their beds are open house for all to enjoy!

Whether the kids creep into your bed in the middle of the night, co-sleep with you out of choice, or just can’t seem to stay in their bedroom any longer than ten minutes, then you may find that your bed is overcrowded and struggling.

However, invest in a good quality, heavy-duty bed to ensure that your mattress and bedframe stay strong, whatever life throws at it.

7. Start homework or reading at the same time each day or week

Ever wondered why children are always so keen to do things at school and nursery but when you try to get them to read or complete homework you become stuck?

Try sticking to a schedule.

At school or in nursery children have a set routine of doing things at precise times, and so having a similar setup at home helps to manage their expectations.

We naturally do this in terms of bedtime etc anyway, so doing school work such as homework or reading at similar times each day or week will help to manage the expectations of your child and perhaps make them more willing to complete tasks.

This helps you to avoid time wasted on bickering or disagreements with your children, and who doesn;t want that?! 

8. Freeze yoghurts and soft pouches

Need some easy snacks that kids love?

Yoghurts and soft fruit or puree pouches can be frozen really easily and serve as a healthy snack.

They're perfect for when kids are playing outside, and for cooling down in the summer.

Sticking a lollipop stick in the yoghurt before freezing makes it easy to eat and adding a cake or baking cup to the bottom of the yoghurt will help to avoid much mess.  

Try to get into the habit of serving fruit and vegetables every meal and snack time, too.

They may not eat it all every time, but the sheer variety on offer will certainly ensure that some of their 5 a day goes in every day.

9. Declutter

Anything that reduces stress in your life is worth doing and being more organized can absolutely lower your stress levels!

You won’t even realize it, but when there’s clutter and you can’t find anything, it can increase your stress levels dramatically.

Did you also know that when your life lacks organization, it can lead you to spend more too?

When you become more organized, even if it’s just clearing your work desk, you’ll quickly see how much stress is eliminated from your life.

Tackle one area at a time and start getting your home decluttered. You could try a challenge like this one to motivate you:

As you declutter, make sure everything has a place.

Once everything has a place, it's easier to put things back as and when you use them.

Creating set places for everything you own is one of the first things you should do before you can even attempt to lead an organized life.

Then take a few minutes each day to make sure everything is put away and ready for the next day.

10. Write everything down

In order to be supremely organized, you either need to have an extremely good memory, or you need to start writing things down!

You’ll notice one of the main traits of an organized person is that they appear to remember everything. 

They never miss sending out birthday cards on time, they’re always early and they know exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

So, do these people just have a better memory than you?

No! They simply make sure they write everything down.

So, start making lists for your shopping and always mark down important times and dates.

It’s also better to write them down physically, rather than saving them as a note on your smartphone or tablet.

While it may be more convenient to digitally make a note of things, it’s actually not as effective as having physical notes in front of you. 

Try it!

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