Review: CONNETIX 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack

Are you looking for a creative and inspiring gift this Christmas season?

Magnetic tiles and building toys are a popular toy for kids of all ages, and will engage them in hours of imagianative creativity for years to come.

We have been busy building and playing with the CONNETIX 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack this autumn and think it would make a fantastic Christmas gift!

Connetix Tiles are renowned for their captivating and educational qualities, and they offer an array of magnetic building toys that have become a sensation in the toy market.

These kinds of magnetic tiles promise not only endless hours of enjoyment but also deliver invaluable learning experiences for children of all ages.

The Connetix 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack features a variety of shapes in 8 beautiful pastel colours that kids will love.

Whether playing independently or with friends and family, the 120 piece Pastel Creative Pack encourages STEAM learning and the development of fine and gross motor skills.

Our girls have made a castle for their Barbies, a space rocket and multiple other patterns, mandalas, buildings and creations.

Plus the tiles look absolutely beautiful against sunlight or a window, so they have been decorating our window sills too!

We are huge fans of open-ended toys that encourage free play and these magnetic tiles do just that.

They offer creative options that encourage kids to build, design and imagine new ideas. They are very tactile and beautiful to play with, making them one of the first toys the girls head to each day.

I also love how they hep kids develop problem-solving skills and encourage both resilience and perserverance, and creative thinking as they try to create the design they have in their heads.

The tiles are such a creative and educational toy.

With this pack offering a spectrum of shapes in 8 delightful pastel colours, the perfect canvas for constructing impressive Connetix creations, from intricate designs to grand-scale masterpieces.

Whether children are absorbed in solitary play or engaging with friends and family, the 120-piece pack not only sparks STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and, Mathematics) learning but also nurtures fine and gross motor skills.

The tiles are compatible with other brands, although we find them more sturdy and easier to connect than our other set.

Engaging in creative play with Connetix Tiles promotes several benefits:

Encourages Creativity and Imagination: Children are encouraged to unleash their creative potential and let their imaginations soar as they design and build.

Develops Fine and Gross Motor Skills: Through hands-on construction, children enhance their dexterity and physical coordination.

Supports STEAM Learning: Construction play actively supports learning in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, fostering a well-rounded skill set.

Promotes Problem Solving and Perseverance: As children encounter challenges during construction, they develop problem-solving abilities and learn the value of persistence.

Open-Minded and Versatile: Connetix offers endless possibilities, allowing children to experiment, innovate, and explore various designs.

Spatial Awareness: Magnetic play helps children develop a better understanding of spatial relationships and geometry as they create and manipulate objects.

Magnetic Learning: Magnetic properties provide an introduction to the principles of magnetism and physics, making it an ideal tool for STEAM education.

Connetix offers an exceptional blend of entertainment and education that will captivate kids of all ages!

The Connetix Pastel Creative Pack nurtures creativity, cognitive development, and problem-solving skills, ensuring that children have a well-rounded, enriching, and exciting play experience.

The CONNETIX 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack is available from Amazon and other major retailers.

This holiday season, if you're searching for the perfect Christmas gifts that combines innovation and education, look no further than CONNETIX.

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