25 of the Best DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids to Make

Do your kids love Valentine's Day? Are you looking for some fun DIY gift ideas to make to show friends and family how much they are loved?

This collection of DIY gifts kids can make for Valentine's Day has so many cute gift ideas!

From delicious edibles to lovely keepsakes, your kids will have a blast making these gifts and giving them to grandparents, friends and family.

25 of the Best DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids to Make

Scroll down for our pick of the cutest DIY Valentine's gifts around...

Easy DIY marbled nail polish mugs make the perfect Valentine's Day craft and gift!

A simple craft done in a few minutes that looks like it took hours of work but is so easy and perfect for kids!

From tiny hands to big hearts, these adorable wood pallet coasters are the perfect kid-made Valentine’s Day gift idea!

Handmade Chocolates

Kids can have fun making hand-dipped chocolates. Easy recipes and packaging ideas included!

Sticking with edibles, these heart shaped cookies are such fun to ice and decorate. packaged well they will survive the post too for far-flung friends and relatives.

Copy some of our designs or make up your own, older kids with a steady hand will have a blast with these, whiel the younger crowd can happily go nuts with the sprinkles!

Kids can craft keepsake stepping stones to give away to someone special. Add inexpensive, personalized touches to customize.

Homemade Bath Salts

These homemade bath salts look amazing and can be customised for different occasions. Why not add some dried red or pink rose petals to give them a Valentine's twist?

Perfect for mums, aunts and grandmas, these will make a welcome gift for Valentine's Day.

Make your friends and loved ones this cute tissue paper flower craft to show them you care!

Customize it with different colors of flowers and get creative with our recommended variation ideas, tips, and tricks to make this a fun and easy craft for kids of all ages to enjoy!

Hug your Valentine’s Day treats with these adorable teddy bear chocolate bar wrappers!

There's a free candy bar wrapper template to make this craft easy for kids of all ages!

This adorable, super easy Valentine’s Day Frame is great for kids of all ages to make.

It's the perfect gift for your kids to make to show their special people how much they love them.

Try these conservation heart painted rocks craft with your kids this year.

It’s an easy and fun way to make DIY Valentine’s gifts for teachers, friends, and family.

These handmade love bug lollipop valentines are a wonderful treat to hand out and even more fun to make.

This adorable Valentine photo craft is a heartwarming way to capture your child's sweet smile in a wreath of love.

It makes a special gift for parents or grandparents, who would absolutely cherish this personal and heartfelt keepsake!

Who doesn't love chocolate? Make these easy DIY chooclate drops and add any toppings you like.

These have cashew nuts and pomegranate seeds, but you could add anything your gift recipient loves.

Just use your imagianation to make a delicious and beautiful DIY gift.

DIY Pom Pom Bookmarks are a perfect little gift idea for kids to give their friends or family members for Valentine's Day.

To extend the gift into something bigger, they could choose a special book and then put the bookmark inside to give as an extra thoughtful gift.

Create simple heart Valentines from pony beads. These are perfect as keychains, bling, or as a suncatcher!

Rose Bath Salts

Homemade Rose Bath Salts are easy to make, soothing and perfect for gift giving.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day or have a rejuvenating soak any time.

This handmade tic tac toe board is a fun gift, why not customise it for Valentine's Day by painting hearts on the rocks instead of rainbows?

This adorable DIY Valentine Wreath is an easy and thrifty Valentine’s Day craft to make with kids.

All you need is a dollar store puzzle, a recycled cardboard box, and simple art supplies!

Whether you’re making this as a gift for your child or helping your child make a gift for others, this DIY Crayon Organizer is a wonderful way to show your love… and to get those crayons and pencils organized!

If your child is old enough to melt chocolate in the microwave, they can make this super easy and beautiful Valentine’s Day treat!

Sweet, crunchy and simple to make, these chocolate covered Oreos are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for kids to make.

Learn how to easily melt crayons in your oven.

Heart silicone molds are the perfect way to make new crayons from old crayon pieces.

You can even add these to our free Valentine printable for a fun gift to pass out to all your classmates.

These salt dough handprint hearts make the cutest keepsake for Valentine’s Day!

And you only need ingredients from your kitchen to make the salt dough.

Valentine's Day Pretzels

These Valentine's Day Pretzels come together using only 3 ingredients!

A salty sweet combination perfect for giving away as gifts, parties, or snacking!

Valentine's Day bark is super easy to make and perfect for edible gifting.

It's made with only 4 ingredients and takes just 10 minutes of prep time.

These cute pencil-topping critters are made from hearts! Just print out the template, cut out the foam pieces, and glue.

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