30 of the Best Valentine's Day Books for Kids {with FREE Printable}

Calling all readers!

These Valentine's Day Books are perfect for getting the kids excited to read AND excited about celebrating Valentine's Day as well!

If you're needing some great book suggestions for kids, check out this list of great book options. 

Now before we get started on the book list, I know that there are not 30 days in the month of February....

But that doesn't mean that you can't crank out these books and read them all during the month!

What you'll find throughout these books is that they're all geared towards the Valentine's Day holiday and are a simple way to keep the excitement about love and kindness flowing every single day. 

30 Days of Valentine's Day Books

The great part about reading is that the kids can literally pick up a book and explore on their own.

I grew up with my nose in books and it's one of those activities that I still cherish and treasure today. 

And with these Valentine's Day books, there are so many lovely books to choose from! 

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Ways to make reading fun

I totally understand that there are some kids that just don't like reading.

When that happens, it's okay!

This is where you get to sit down and read right along with them. 

I've learned that when the kids aren't wanting to do something, it's most times that they're not wanting to do something alone.

The best way to combat this is to pull up a chair or make a comfy reading area and take turns reading paragraphs or pages.

After a while, they just might find their reading groove and enjoy reading way more than they thought! 

And if you make a plan to read through all of these great books, you can then have a celebration at the end to acknowledge their hard work and reading efforts!

This cute Valentine mouse would make a delightful reading companion!

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