What to Put in a Nature Theme Easter Basket

Do you have a nature loving kid, or do you want to encourage your child's interest in bugs, plants and animals?

Do you follow a Charlotte Mason style nature study aproach in your homeschool?

Add some fun nature study gifts to their Easter basket this year!

If you want to make a nature theme Easter basket but you're not sure what to put in it, scroll down!

We LOVE nature study and follow a pattern to the year largely influenced by the gorgeous Exploring Nature with Children curriculum.

Easter is a fantastic time to encourage kids to get more into nature study, in both hemispheres.

In the Northern Hemisphere we are just heading into the warmer weather when plants and flowers grow fast, minibeasts and insects are more visible, and everyone wants to be outside more.

Whilst in the Southern Hemisphere it's time for autumn, so the ideal time to plant bulbs, collect and investigate seeds, and observe plants, animals, minibeasts and insects getting ready for the colder days.

There are so many fun ways to encourage kids to get outdoors and explore nature, starting with a weekly nature walk to explore your patch.

Give children the right equipment, coupled with a bit of excitement and an inquisitive nature, and you'll set them up for life with a source of endless wonder and interest.

Here's what to put in a nature theme Easter basket for kids of all ages.

Many of these ideas for things to put in a nature theme easter basket are applicable to both hemispheres, but you will know your local area and climate best, so keep that in mind as you choose which Easter basket stuffers to buy.

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What To Put In A Nature Theme Easter Basket

1. Child sized gardening hand tools to dig around in the dirt.

Learning about nature definitely starts right there in your own backyard!

2. Some seeds to grow. Choose fast growing, 'quick wins' like carrots, lettuce, radishes and marigolds. 

Quick results are the best reward when you are teaching children how to garden, but sunflowers and tomato seeds can be the most satisfying as you can get amazing results with some patience!

If you're in the Southern Hemisphere, buy some daffodil, crocus or tulip bulbs to plant now for spring colour.

You could also plant some salad crops indoors or in a warm greenhouse.

3. Ideally, give your child their own special space in your garden in which to grow their seeds.

Or you could add some plain planter pots for him to paint to put his seeds in.

4. Add one of those cement stepping stone making kits for the garden, they're such a lovely keepsake.

He can put his hand print on it and then decorate with mosaic pieces to make a unique marker for his garden.

5. Add some kids rubber boots for all that gardening - and all the jumping in muddy puddles, of course!

You may also need some good quality kids rain gear, dependent on where you live.

6. Next stop, minibeasts!

A bug catching kit is ideal so they can catch, observe and release all those fascinating insects.

7. A catch and release aquarium is great if you will be visiting a river or the beach regularly too.

8. Magnifying glasses of different strengths are a great way to examine your finds like insects, flowers, leaves and rocks up close.

9. A hand lens can be useful for examining plants and flowers up close.

10. Field guides for your local area are a useful addition to any nature study collection, and knowing what to expect locally will help you know which guides to choose.

11. If you love to collect flowers to make crafts like this pretty bookmark, a flower press would be a great addition to their Easter basket.

12. A bug identification guide and log book is a great idea, too.

13. To really get up close and see the detail, a pocket microscope is invaluable.

14. A small backpack to carry everything in is a great addition or could even be the basis of the Easter basket!

15. A good quality kids water bottle is also essential for all those fun nature explorations.

16. Children’s binoculars are another worthwhiele addition that will last for years if you buy good quality ones.

17. Whilst not strictly for nature study, a kite is a perfect addition to this basket and to take on hikes because it's so much fun!

18. Water shoes are a useful thing to have for all the creek or beach and sea play to come this spring and summer.

19. A National Geographic Kids magazine subscription will keep the learning - and the fun - going month on month.

20. If you don't already have them, this is the ideal time to get a bird feeder and seed or a bird house.

Hanging a bird feeder outside will provide many hours of entertainment and interest.

Add a good guide to backyard birds will help kids to identify their visitors.

21. Finally, you can either make your own or buy a ready made adventure bag to take on hikes!

Include items like those listed above: a magnifying glass, a compass, a whistle, baggies for collecting small items, binoculars, tweezers, bug collecting apparatus etc.

Some more fun ideas:

22. Looking for animal tracks is such a fun activity, whether you are looking for them in mud, snow or sand.

Gen up with the Match a Track game before you head out!

23. There are some questions being raised about those live butterfly breed and release gardens, so hold off on those.

Instead, you can put together a collection of seeds that will attract the butterflies where you live so your kids can plant their own butterfly garden.

24. Tree idenitifcation is a fantastic skill to learn as it opens up all sorts of other possbilities in nature study.

Try this fun Tree bingo game for starters. There are bird, ocean, bugs and many other versions too.

25. Floating duck food is brilliant if you have water fowl to feed where you live.

26. You may not get any visitors but a paint your own bird house makes a fun activity and a great introduction to learning about the local garden birds where you live.

27. Add some new sunglasses to the basket to encourage your kids to get outside whatever the weather.

28. Gardening gloves are another useful addition, we love this kind because they are tough enough but fit well and look great too.

29. A sun hat, perhaps featuring their favourite character, is another welcome addition to the basket.

30. And last but not least, the Match a Leaf game is a =nother fun way to learn about trees and identify different tree shapes and their leaves.

More Nature Study ideas:

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