5 Summer Activities to Enjoy with the Kids

It is no secret that the summer holidays are fast approaching, and with that comes six or more weeks' worth of activities you need to find to entertain and occupy your little ones.

So, whether you’ve booked one of the many family holidays UK destinations have to offer, or you’re simply looking for ideas and inspiration on what to do with your children, we’ve put together five things you could do this summer, whatever the weather.

1. Kite flying

A simple activity, yet one that brings a lot of joy, as well as a little competition!

Whether you’re planning a trip to the beach or your local park, all you need to fly a kite is a good breeze, an open space, and of course, a kite.

Nowadays, there are a multitude of kites to choose from, from traditional ones to those replicating creatures like butterflies, sharks and so much more – in an array of colours too!

2. Exploring woodlands

No matter the weather, exploring in the woods is always a fun activity to do with your children.

For example, you could ask your little ones to find certain colours such as something green, orange, or purple.

Alternatively, collect sticks and leaves for an arts and crafts session when you get home, or try these seasonal scavenger hunt printables.

If the weather is a little damp, which could always be the case here in the UK, the woodlands are still a place to explore – just make sure you’ve got your wellies on!

How many muddy puddles can you find? Can you see any woodland creatures sheltering from the rain?

The possibilities are endless when taking a stroll through the woodlands.

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3. Splish, Splash, Splosh!

Is it really summer until you’ve dipped your toe in a paddling pool or chased your kids around the garden whilst having a water fight?

When the sun is beating down and you all need cooling down, is there anything better than a padding pool or waterslide in the garden? Complete the activity with some water shooters, water soakers and splash balls.

You could even throw in a bubble machine and you’ll have yourself the perfect summer set up.

If you don’t have a garden big enough for a paddling pool, you could always take your kids to the local lido or swimming facilities to make a splash.

4. Go on safari

You don’t have to go abroad to spot some wild animals or go on a safari. Many places up and down the UK offer a glimpse of the safari experience.

Places such as Woburn Safari Park, Longleat Safari Park and Knowsley Safari allow you to drive through their grounds and view the animals living on the premises.

5. Step through history

The UK is home to some amazing historical places, including over 4000 castles, some of which are open to the public to explore and learn about their histories.

So, whether you have a budding historian in your family, or there's a school topic you know they’re going to cover in the coming school year, visiting a historical landmark is a great day out and activity to embark on this summer.

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What activities will you be planning for the upcoming summer break?

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