How To Make A Christmas Tree Topper With Fondant Icing {Tutorial}

Wondering how to make fondant trees? Christmas tree cake toppers are an easy to make fondant icing decoration for your Christmas cake.  Here's how to make a Christmas tree topper with fondant icing.

So you’ve made your booze-infused fruit cake. You’ve layered on the marzipan and pure white icing. Maybe you’ve even wrapped a red, silk bow around the cake. But it still looks a little plain doesn’t it. Classic for sure, but not very festive. Well, grab some fondant icing and get ready to liven up that Christmas cake with a Christmas tree topper. So how do you make these cute edible trees?

How do you make a fondant Christmas tree?

You will need:

Not very much actually. Fondant icing Christmas trees are incredibly easy to make, which means they are a great sugar crafting project for even the least artistic of bakers.

• Green fondant icing
• Brown sticks or dowels
• Some curved scissors

How To Make Your Fondant Icing Christmas Tree

Firstly give your work surface a liberal dusting of icing sugar. Then take your icing and knead it until it’s pliable. Tear off a chunk and you’re ready to begin.

1. Roll your fondant icing into a ball.

2. Then carefully fashion the icing into a cone, tapering it to a blunt point and flattening the base.

3. Insert a section of stick/dowel into the base. This acts as the trunk of your Christmas tree but also makes it easier to manipulate when making the branches.

4. Starting at the peak of the cone make small snips into the fondant icing with your scissors.

5. Work your way around and down the tree. Be sure to stagger your cuts so that they overlap. This gives the fondant icing tree a more natural appearance.

6. Once you’ve covered the while surface in cuts to simulate the branches, use a finger to gently curl each one up a little. This makes the tree jump to life.

And that’s really all there is to it. But here are some additional ideas you can use to spruce things up:

• Create Fondant Icing Baubles

Grab some different coloured fondant icing and roll out little balls. You can fix them to the tree by using a little cooled, boiled water.

• Add Some Tinsel

Again, using fondant icing, maybe in a festive red, roll out a thin sausage. Then take a fine wire brush and stipple the sausage surface to give it a textured appearance. If you don’t have a wire brush then the fine side of a grater works well. Brush lightly with some water and wrap around the tree.

• Let It Snow

You could add some snow to your fondant icing Christmas tree by making up some white royal icing and gently piping it onto the top and branches.

You don’t have to be a sugar crafting expert to make lovely decorative toppers out of fondant icing.

All it takes is a little bit of creativity and you can make your cake very merry this Christmas.

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