Vegan and Vegetarian Christmas Recipes

If you are catering for vegan or vegetarian guests this Christmas and find yourself in a flap, or if you are vegan or veggie yourself and looking for some great to food to make this Christmas, worry no longer.  We have a great selection of delicious recipes which will make your table look festive and your taste buds smile.  Read on...

Whether you go traditional with this spiced lentil, nut and vegetable roast, or for something more unusual like an oriental mushroom pudding, there are lots of great alternatives to turkey out there.  Root vegetables are as much a component of Christmas dinner as Brussels sprouts for us, and this roasted butternut squash filled with ginger, almond & cranberry couscous makes a different main for Christmas Day or Boxing Day, or try Gennaro Contaldo's butternut squash risotto, a delicious starter or relaxed supper on its own. New Year's Eve maybe?

And who could resist the festive colours of this easy roasted red peppers with orecchiete, perfect for prepping now and freezing, or easy to put together after a busy day.  If you still like to offer a cold spread on Boxing Day, albeit sans meat and/or cheese, you could whip up a delicious chutney to go with it, they make great gifts too. Try this unusual pineapple chutney recipe, or perhaps an Indian-inspired chilli piccalilli.

Sweet Treats

All those snacky bits are an essential part of Christmas for most of us, and it's the perfect time to enjoy a bit of baking with a festive CD playing in the background. Try these strawberry, lemon and black pepper biscuits or these delicious dark chocolate, ginger and hazelnut oat biscuits, both are vegan recipes.  Or pick up some vegan-friendly pastry from the supermarket and make these easiest ever mince pies, for the perfect home-made in no time treat.

We have four fantastic vegan Christmas cake recipes and this show-stopping vegan cheesecake for dessert, or for the traditionalists, this delicious vegan Christmas pudding recipe will go down a treat.  Or you could pull out all the stops and make this delicious vegan raw chocolate tart.  Yum!

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  1. Mmmm lovely! The butternut squash Ginger and almond and cranberry cous cous sounds amazing. I love butternut squash so I would really enjoy this! The Vegan raw chocolate tart looks ❤️❤️❤️

  2. There are no vegetarians in our family, but we do have meat free days every week! Some great suggestions here, especially useful for straight after Christmas and Boxing Day's excesses...

  3. I'm not a vegetarian or a vegan but these look so nice!!

  4. I love the look of the red peppers and the chocolate tart. I know there are a few ready-made pastries and pastry-based dishes in the supermarket that are "accidentally vegan", so it's worth checking ingredients to see whether you've got a potential short-cut available. Beautiful ideas, thank you!

  5. Some lovely ideas and recipes - I’ll make at least one of them

  6. Very helpful..can't decide for our two vegan guests much to choose from. Pineapple chutney is a definite and lemon and black pepper biscuits. Thankyou

  7. Everything sounds lovely especially the roasted butternut squash filled with ginger

  8. Such a DELIGHT - great ideas to make Christmas EXTRA special for all


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