How to Transform Your Kitchen into a Chaos-Free Zone

Although the kitchen is ‘the heart of the home’, it’s also an area that can descend into absolute chaos. From the dog running in from the garden with muddy paws to all sorts of clutter building up on the work surfaces, it can be hard to keep your kitchen clean, tidy and chaos-free.

However, no matter how hectic family life gets, there are some simple ways you can keep this mayhem at bay, ensuring your kitchen is the clutter-free heart of the home.  Here’s how:

Utilise Storage While Making It Child-Friendly

Storage is your best friend when you’re trying to keep things in order in your family kitchen.

Are your cupboards jam-packed full already?

Then why not consider some baskets, freestanding storage solutions and island units to help increase your storage space but without impacting on the design of your kitchen. These additional storage units are perfect for utensils, tea towels, potatoes, dried foodstuffs and other bits and bobs that you don’t need to keep out of reach of the kids or store in a fridge.

Even using jars to store pasta, rice and other grains on the sideboard can free up cupboard space but without creating an eyesore or taking up too much surface space.

Use Stools that You Can Stack Away

If space is an issue in your kitchen and you often feel as though there’s not enough room, stools could be the answer you’re looking for.

Instead of having chairs that are out all of the time and are taking up valuable space, you can stack these stools away when they’re not in use. Equally, if you have a breakfast bar, stools can easily slot underneath here for easy storage – and this makes the perfect homework/dining space for the kids while you’re busy in the kitchen.

Have a Clear Out and Reorganise Everything

Finally, if after doing all of the above you find that space is still at a premium, it may be time to have a much-needed clear out. After all, how often do we really get into the backs of cupboards to see what’s lurking there?

You may find food that’s well past its sell-by date, dinnerware that you no longer use, lids with no containers – you get the picture!

Take everything out of your cupboards and go through it before putting it back in an organised manner. It’ll be surprising just how much space this actually creates. Plus, even though these spaces are hidden behind doors, just knowing how tidy and organised they are will make you feel as though your kitchen is no longer in a state of disorder!

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