Family Days Out in Hampshire: Meet the LEGO BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo

How many times have you been asked whether there will be dinosaurs at the farm or zoo you are going to visit?  Well, now you can answer yes!  Marwell Zoo in Hampshire is allowing visitors to get closer to both the wonders of the natural world and the prehistoric this summer.

The new BRICKOSAURS event at Marwell features 36 prehistoric LEGO beasts on display alongside their modern day contemporaries.  More BRICKOSAURS will be added to the collection of 16 displays before the summer holidays, with a total of 21 different dino species to spot.

Ranging in size from these tiny Compsognathus to a huge T.Rex right outside Marwell Hall.  You can either use the free trail map to find them all in the 140 acre park, download the free zoo app, or just wander around to stumble across your favourites.

We enjoyed lunch in the company of the wonderful rhinos and the gorgeous Tabitha the Triceratops.  She took 5 builders 600 hours to build, using 174,264 bricks and weighs a whopping 1359kg!

The girls were fascinated with the length of time it took to build the BRICKOSAURS and how many bricks were used.  I think Lara was calculating how to build one of her own at home...

She could be there a while though as it is estimated that it would take 1 person nearly 5 years to make all these models, using more than 2 million bricks!  That would stretch end to end all the way from Marwell Zoo in Hampshire to Brighton in East Sussex.

We loved all the detail in the dinosaurs and some of the information about what bricks had been used.  There is even the opportunity to build your own dinosaur in two huge brick pits in the BRICKOSAURS Base Camp.

With one pit of LEGO bricks and one of DUPLO bricks, there is plenty for even the youngest of builders to get stuck in with and create their masterpiece.  There is also a small shop here with plush dinosaurs and LEGO kits to buy (card only).

Don't miss the dinosaur eggs!

Face painting and other activities will also be available during weekends and school holidays.  You can even try out being eaten by a Megalosaurus in this fun LEGO head...

... while outside there is a fearsome Dilophosaurus who spouts smoke instead of venom, thankfully!

The highlight of any dinosaur collection is always the Tyrannosaurus Rex and no less so here.  The huge T-rex is the largest touring LEGO model ever built, weighing 2500kg - about the same as Kiri the white rhino.

At a whopping 8 metres from nose to the tip of her tail, Amber the T-Rex took five builders 1500 hours to construct.  She has the biggest set of teeth which took one builder a full day to make and fit.

Her eyes have been made from LEGO Ninjago swords, a radar dish, a telephone and even the cockpit windows for a spaceship.

Amber stands outside the Grade 1 listed Marwell Hall which was festooned in beautiful wisteria when we visited.  If you are looking for a place to picnic, the lawns behind the hall are delightful, or there are various picnic spots throughout the park, as well as five different playgrounds to let off steam in.

Other highlights for the girls included getting up close to giraffes and zebra, watching the otters play, and seeing an ostrich having a dust bath.  Don't miss the new Tropical House - let us know if you spot the elusive sloth!

BRICKOSAURS runs at Marwell Zoo, Hampshire until 1st September 2019, with new dinosaurs arriving on 19th July.

A family ticket (2A + 2C) costs £72, with optional donation.  Adult tickets £21 and children £17 (age 3+).  Annual membership costs £42 per child, £62 for adults.

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