Pear and Blueberry Overnight Oats

This simple breakfast is easy to make the night before, and full of energy to keep the kids - and you - going all morning.  Packed with lots of natural fibre already, add one or more of your 5 a day by adding your favourite fruit too.  Try apples, peaches or nectarines instead of the pears, and raspberries or pitted cherries instead of the blueberries.

Overnight Pear and Blueberry Oats

Serves 4

Cook's tip: This is a great portable breakfast to take to work or school.  Make up into little portable jam jars or small Kilner jars then scatter over your fresh fruit, nuts seeds, granola etc.  Seal and you’re good to go!


225g porridge oats, we used White's Jumbo Organic
100ml apple juice
3 ripe red skinned ripe pears
225ml low fat natural yogurt
2 tbsp. agave nectar
1 lemon-finely grated zest
50g blueberries
2 tbsp. flaked almonds, toasted


1. Mix the porridge oats, apple juice and 300ml cold water together in a bowl.  Cover and chill overnight.

2. The next morning, quarter, core and coarsely grate 2 of the pears.

3. Stir the pear into the oat mixture with the yogurt, agave nectar and lemon zest.  Divide between 4 bowls.

4. Quarter, core and slice the remaining pear and arrange over the top of the oat mixture.  Scatter over the blueberries and flaked almonds.  Drizzle with extra agave nectar before serving, if desired.

Recipe c/o White's Oats
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