How to Manage Back to School in 5 Easy Steps

The summer holidays soon disappear in a blur of holidays, days out, outdoor play dates and all kinds of fun.  Before you know it it's time to start thinking about new uniforms, lunchboxes and pencil cases, and a return to normality.  Here's how to survive back to school season with a smile on your face and money left in your bank account.

1. Shop Online

Shop online as much as possible or you'll face dozens of other mums scouring the shelves of lunch boxes and backpacks.  Plus it's (hopefully) way too hot to cope with dragging everyone round the shops.  Who seriously wants to do that when they could be outside having fun anyway?!

Measure the kids up, grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine one evening and get the lot done in one fell swoop.  Order uniform from your local supermarket or M&S so returns or exchanges are as easy as possible.

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2. Plan Your Routine

Whether you work outside the home, work from home, or are a full-time mum, having certain routines and rituals in place will make your life so much easier.

Start using these easy organisation tips for busy families to make life easier and get more organised ahead of time.  Taking some time to learn how to meal plan, setting up a list for ordering your groceries online, and adding systems to the things you do regularly will all pay off in the long run.

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3. Sort Out Your Mornings

I also highly recommend establishing a pattern to your mornings to give a rhythm and breathing space to your day, so you're not running around like crazy trying to get everything and everyone organised.  Read how to create a morning routine that works for you.

If the children have got used to going to bed late and getting up when they want to over the summer holidays it's a good idea to start easing back into earlier bedtimes and mornings.  Adjust the time by just 5-10 minutes a day over a couple of weeks will make it less painful and easier when those alarm clocks start ringing in September!

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4. Create a Command Centre

Yes, it sounds OTT and complicated, but essentially you just need to create a place where shoes, bags and other essential bits live.  If you have space in your hall great, but if not have a coat and shoes space in your hall, then create a proper command centre in the kitchen.

Supply a tray or basket for school papers and book bags to be deposited in, make a homework caddy for older kids with pens, pencils, ruler, scissors etc, and show to your child how to use it.  You might also add a calendar or timetable on the wall above for both of you to keep track of appointments, and days when sports kit is required etc.

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5. Beat the Guilt

If you're a working mum then try to get dates in your diary - and your boss's - as early as possible.  Check the school website to see what dates have already been decided and start putting in your holiday requests.

A lot of headteachers use the first couple of days of September for INSET days where essential dates for the calendar are decided, so be sure to ask as soon as your child goes back if dates for class assemblies, school plays, summer fair etc have been decided yet.

The sooner you know, the more likely it is you'll be able to get there.

After a few weeks of freedom, back-to-school can seem like a huge task, but follow these 5 easy tips and you'll sail through the season and to do lists without the stress.

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