20 of the Most Gorgeous Pine Cone Crafts to Make this Christmas

Pine cones are not only one of nature's most beautiful offerings, but they lend themselves well to craft projects! From fall decor to holiday flair, pine cones can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your decor.

Whether you like a rustic look or a bejeweled look, pine cones can be painted, glittered, twisted, taken apart and attached or strung to a variety of fixtures or forms. Here, you'll find 20 creative DIY pine cone crafts that range from easy to a little more time-intensive. Get your hot glue guns ready and let's transform some pine cones into one-of-a-kind decorative pieces of art just in time for the holidays!

Pinecone Flower Garland

This pine cone garland is elegant simplicity. Flowers are made from the pine cone sections and attached with a hot glue gun to felt rounds. Each "flower" is then glued to twine to create the garland. Drape this on your fireplace mantel or even along a staircase banister for a rustic holiday look.

Pinecones And Berries DIY Christmas Centerpiece

All you need are 4 items to make this beautiful centerpiece: pine cones, tree branch greenery, red berries and a tray. You may have access to all of these items around your house or neighborhood. If not, grocery or craft stores will have them. Here, you'll learn how to "build" this centerpiece layer by layer. So easy!

Red And White Pinecone Wreath

You'll find two methods of securing pine cones to a wire wreath form in this tutorial. One uses a hot glue gun and the other uses a bit of hot water and then a little time in the sun. Its science at its best with that method. Once the pine cones are secured, you can spray paint the wreath if you so choose. Here, she used white paint and then adds red berries for a festive touch.

Pine Cone Topiary

This DIY project produces a gorgeous topiary statement piece just perfect for the holidays. You'll need a chunk of time to complete this, so plan accordingly. Pine cones get twisted in half and then hot glued to a Styrofoam ball. Once all are attached, give the topiary a little mist of white spray paint. Beautiful!

Faux Succulent Vertical Garden Made From Pine Cones

In this project, pine cones masquerade as succulents through some creative use of acrylic paint. Here, shades of green and blue were used. Using hot glue, these succulents were then attached to an upcylced and painted picture frame and its backing. Truly a one-of-a-kind piece of art!

Jingle Bell Pinecone Ornament

These DIY ornaments are reminiscent of pine cones covered with a dusting of snow. Keep it rustic by painting the tips of the pine cones with white craft paint. Add hooks to the cones and then thread the twine through. Don't forget to add the jingle bells!

Pinecone Tree Centerpiece

This inexpensive DIY pine cone tree comes together easily with the help of cardboard, duct tape, pine cones, a glue gun and fairy lights. You could even make these in different heights for a little pine cone tree village!

Winter Luminary Pinecone Candle Jars

Snow texture paint helps make these holiday luminaries come to life. Mason jars, pine cones, a little lace and some twine are all you need to get the project going. Place the luminaries on your mantel, table, lining your staircase steps, or wherever you need a touch of soft holiday light.

DIY Pinecone Candle Holders

Pine cones make the perfect candle holders for the holidays with this simple DIY project. Use wire cutters to help level the pine cones for the candles which will be further secured with hot glue. Use these as part of a centerpiece or enjoy their rustic beauty on their own.

Bleached Pinecone Wreath

Use bleached pinecones to make this contemporary yet rustic wreath. Attached the pine cones to a foam wreath form with a glue gun. Use different sized pine cones to help create the layers and add interest. Attach a pretty ribbon and hang wherever you need a touch of pine cone beauty!

Star Pinecone Ornament

If you're looking for a super simple craft project, this is it! Pine cones and a glue gun are all you need to create this star ornament. Use it on a tree, mantle, in a centerpiece collage, wherever this natural pine cone craft will add a touch of festive decor.

Easy DIY Pinecone Wreath

If you have an hour, you can make this wreath! Sort your pine cones into 3 size groups and have your 12" wire wreath form handy. Make sure you have plenty of glue sticks for your hot glue gun, too! Optional items are greenery and LED fairy lights. For best results, follow her directions on the best way to glue the different size pine cones to the wreath form.

DIY Pinecone Ornaments

Wood beads, twine, hot glue, fabric bows and pine cones are all you need to get started on these sweet and rustic Christmas tree ornaments. The twine gets threaded through the hole in the bead for a seamless and professional looking ornament.

Pinecone Star Wreath

If you're looking for a large statement wreath, this is it! This large star, perfect for hanging over your fireplace, uses yardsticks to create the frame of the star. The pine cones are attached to the frame with a hot glue gun. Impressive!

Felt And Pinecone Elves

These adorable little elves are a fun project that uses felt, mini pine cones, wood beads and miniature jingle bells. Wire cutters help shape the pine cones while a hot glue gun makes quick work of adding the felt accessories. Precious!

DIY Glittery Pine Cones

Here, you'll learn how to apply glass glitter, which is less messy than foil glitter, to a pine cone for a sparkly snow dusted look. Add a simple small screw eye in the woody end of the pine cone to thread a ribbon through for hanging. A little pine cone bling for your tree!

Pastel Zinnia Flowers From Pine Cones

You'll have a hard time convincing your friends that these beautiful pastel zinnia flowers are actually pine cones! The bottom of pine cones look like flower petals and when painted with acrylic craft paint, they make the perfect bouquet of flowers. So easy and pretty!

Santa Pinecone Wreath

This inventive project uplevels a plain DIY pine cone wreath into a Santa-themed wreath by spray painting it a deep cherry red color. Add Santa's "belt" by attaching a wide black ribbon bow with a buckle to it. Add a wide black ribbon for hanging and display your jolly wreath!

Pinecone Fairy Ornament

Beautiful autumn colored leaves are used for the fairy wings on these precious pine cone ornaments. Acorn caps, pipe cleaners, colored wool and felt are some of the materials used to create these creatures. Each fairy ornament will be unique and different depending on the types of materials you choose to use. Adorable!

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