3 Stress-Reducing Activities You Can Enjoy Outdoors During Lockdown

Stress is something that we all encounter, but it is also something that we can easily reduce if we just put in a little effort. Whether you are worried about your job, your family, money, or love, stress takes its toll on your body and your mind, but a little bit of outdoor activity every day can help lower those stress hormones and leave you feeling much better.

Spending time outside does not have to involve long walks or hikes, or strenuous mountain biking sessions.  There are plenty of activities that you can do outside that give you the benefit of leisure time and exercise while reaping the many benefits of being outside, breathing in the fresh air, and soaking up some natural Vitamin D from the sun.

Here are 3 stress-reducing outdoor activities that you can enjoy during social distancing:


You may not immediately think of yoga when you think "outdoor activity", but you might want to reconsider. Not only is yoga a fantastic way to reduce stress and relieve tension, but outdoor yoga combines these benefits with the added advantages you get from spending time in the fresh air and in nature.

Yoga is great for people of all skills and ability levels because it can be easily adapted to fit where you are in your current practice, and outdoor yoga is gaining in popularity. Whether you like doing your own routine or you follow an online class, you can find an outdoor yoga practice that works for you.


Playing in the dirt is not just fun for kids! The act of planting something and tending to it as it grows not only reduces stress but also helps relieve depression.

Spending time outside, enjoying fresh air and sunshine while you plant and tend to your garden enables you to relax, makes you feel more connected to nature, and provides you with a sense of purpose and accomplishment when your labours are rewarded with flowers, vegetables, fruit or beautiful, green plants.

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Simple walking is a wonderful way to increase your activity levels as well as reduce stress. Walking can be very meditative, which helps decrease tension and help you cope with worry. Walking your dog gives you and your furry friends time in the outdoors, and those who regularly walk their pets have lower levels of stress hormones.

However hard things are at the moment, taking time out of your day to spend moments outdoors can help reduce your stress and leave you with an improved outlook. The more active your outdoor activities are the more endorphins and feel-good hormones you will release, while you are also getting the physical health benefits of increased exercise and time spent in sunshine.

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