90+ Things to Do While You're Stuck at Home

Think back to your pre-shutdown life.  How many times in any given week did you find yourself saying you don't have time for X, Y or Z?  The good new is, even if you are working from home, now you do!  Could we view this period of self-isolation as a blessing rather than a curse?

OK, hear me out here.  No-one is ever going to say Coronavirus was a great thing to happen, but what if it gives us all the breathing space we need?  Time to reflect, to re-evaluate, and to choose different ways of spending our time and energy.

Even if you are working from home, or your children are at home with you, you will still find that you have more free time than you ever normally do in 'real' life.  So, how about spending some of that time doing something useful, interesting, or even fun?!

Don't worry, we will be back to school runs, commuting to work, commitments to friends, family and society soon enough.  If Wuhan is anything to go by, a couple of months at the most.

Time is our most precious asset, and one we can never get back.  Let's accept this enforced slowdown, and in fact embrace it as an opportunity to do all those things we never have time for.  An opportunity to consciously choose every single day how we spend our time.

Of course, if you are unwell or need to work extra hours as a self-employed person, this is not a fun time for you!  This list is for all the people at home with nothing to do or working from home and saving time on commutes, water cooler breaks and interruptions.

Here are 90+ things you could do with your excess of time:

1. Start a gratitude journal

2. Read more - who hasn't got a pile of books to read

3. Start a new business or side hustle

4. Deliver supplies to the door step of an elderly neighbour or relative

5. Clear out and clean out your kitchen cupboards

6. Find ways to make your life more environmentally conscious

7. Dust off your old musical instrument and practice every day

8. Cook an amazing meal for your partner or just yourself

9. Seek out positive news, even on Coronavirus like this list

10. Build LEGO

11. Perfect a recipe like your go to chilli or lemon drizzle cake

12. Upcycle something

13. Kick a bad habit - it only takes 30 days to change

14. Play board games

15. Go for a walk every day

16. Batch cook and freeze some meals

17. Read those classic novels you've always meant to

18. Start a journal

19. Learn art history by watching videos of great art works from the major museums of the world

20. Give your dog a bath

21. Dig out a kitchen appliance and make some delicious dishes

22. Plan your next holiday or travel adventure - just don't book anything yet!

23. Plan out your goals for the coming year, or make a 5 year plan

24. Declutter and re-organise your wardrobe or closets

25. Listen to some TED Talks

26. Read books to grow your business or boost your skills

27. Eat better to boost your immune system

28. Phone an old friend

29. Get better at photography

30. Sort out all the apps on your phone and delete the ones you don't need

31. Sew, knit or crochet - or learn how

32. Start meditating

33. Re-arrange your furniture

34. Have a virtual dinner party with friends or family via Skype or Facetime

35. Resolve to get your 5 a day every day - and do it

36. Take an online course to advance your personal or business skills

37. Write a poem

38. Make some home-made gifts for birthdays and even Christmas!

39. Sort out your garden ready for summer

40. Organise your music play lists or create new ones

41. Take up visualisation

42. Join or set up a virtual book club

43. Plan a fun party or BBQ for when all this is over

44. Make an Amazon wish list, or clean your old one up!

45. Follow an exercise DVD or online class

46. Make candles

47. Plant a garden that will attract summer pollinators

48. Practice mindfulness every day

49. Make your own cleaning products

50. Take a long bath

51. Watch all those classic movies

52. Yoga

53. Write letters to friends and family

54. Make your own soap

55. Earn some money online from home

56. Bake cookies, cakes, bread - or all 3!

57. Have a proper afternoon tea

58. Fix something that is broken

59. Sort out your digital photos

60. Print and frame some of your favourite photos

61. Sort out your finances and make switches to save money

62. Deep clean your kitchen

63. Learn how to use your sewing machine properly

64.  Take out a free two month Kindle Unlimited trial and make the most of it!

65. Sketch the view out of your window

66. Clean and oil your garden tools

67. Read the Bible, Quoran or another religious text

68. Paint a room

69. Listen to audio books

70. Find out about the history of your local area, your street, or your house

71. Treat yourself to nice chocolates, bath salts or flowers by ordering online

72. Give yourself a spa day at home

73. Press flowers

74. Try new foods

75. Make your own body butter

76. Research your family tree

77. Clear out your garage

78. Enter online compeitions

79. Re-arrange your book shelves

80. Make your own cards

81. Run or walk a 5K - take the Couch to 5K Challenge!

82. Write a short story or finally start your novel!

83. Learn how to change a tyre

84. Upload your CV to look for jobs when all this dies down

85. Create a picture wall with images you already have

86. Do a mammoth jigsaw puzzle

87. Take up skipping for exercise

88. Join Pinterest and create some boards

89. Write down your personal or family history for your kids or grandkids

90. Do all that DIY you've been putting off

91. Set up bird feeders in your garden and see who comes to visit

92. Binge watch a series on Netflix or Amazon Video

93. Do Sudoku or logic or crossword puzzles in a book or online

94. Learn a new language online

95. Learn embroidery

96. Declutter!

97. Paint with oils or watercolours

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