20 of the Best Green Eco Friendly Toys for Kids

Sustainable, green and eco-friendly toys are a popular choice for parents who want to live a greener life.

These kind of toys are fast becoming more readily available, but it can still be tricky to find the perfect high quality eco friendly toy that kids will love.

Read on for our pick of the best sustainable green toys around...

The best toys encourage open-ended play and foster creativity as well as being fun and made to last.

If you’re struggling to find toys that are entertaining and eco-friendly for the littles ones on your shopping list then don’t stress, we’ve gathered all the best ones in one place.

Why should you buy eco-friendly toys?

Eco-friendly toys are made to last longer, contain less toxins (such as phylates, BPA, PVC), and they help protect our environment.

This list of plastic-free and eco-friendly gifts for kids is suitable for a range of ages and interests, but you might also like to check out these gift guides:

If you need some ideas on where to get started with Eco-Friendly Toys for Kids, we’ve put together some of the most popular ones.

Some of our favourite green toy brands are:
Read on to find out which green eco-friendly toys we recommend...

Dantoy are 100% focused on being green so they have produced a new line of bio-platic products made from sugarcane.

These toys are chemical, toxin and pollutant free and 100% sustainable and recyclable.

The front-loader tractor is perfect for play indoors and out, and ours has done sterling service in mud, sand and water play!

There's a tipper truck in the range too to add more fun to play. Not available in the US

Another favourite of ours in this durable, hardwearing, non-toxic range is this gorgeous dinner set.

Perfect for imaginative, open-ended play it has four place settings and a casserole dish.

Easy to wash in the dishwasher and even microwave-safe, this set is perfect for kitchen, dinner and tea party role play indoors or out. Not available in the US

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Build Your Own Microscope

With all of us getting outside more this year and having the time to appreciate nature more, this eco-friendly build your own microscope kit is the perfect gift.

Encourage children's interest in the world around them with this easy to put together sustainable gift.

Kids can examine thier findings up close with the x30 magnification and there are even 3 speciment trays to use. Not available in the US

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Let their imaginations wander with this wooden block set that contains all kinds of shapes and colours.

Block building encourages fine motor skills, creativity and imaginative play. Buy in the UK

Apple Park Stuffed Animals are made from organic cotton, have a hypoallergenic filling and use BPA Free Dye.

All your bases are covered with getting one of these gentle new playmates for the little ones in your life. Buy in the UK

These blocks are educational and help kids learn to read, rhyme and more.

Durable block set that will give your little ones confidence with learning to read. Buy in the UK

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BeginAgain Animal Parade A to Z Puzzle

This fun wooden puzzle teaches children about animals, colours and letters all in one adorable set.

Kids can also create their own games and play sets with the animals.

The sky really is the limit with this adorable set. Recommended for ages 2+ Buy in the UK

Shape Sorter Block Set

This block sorting set is great for toddlers learning to grasp and playing with toys.

This set is made from natural wood and built to last, so be prepared to have it for generations! Buy in the UK

Rocking horses are a great way to encourage play, imagination, and balance skills all in one.

Plus they usually last a few years and can grow with your little one. Buy in the UK

For the artist learning to colour and draw, Honeysticks are perfect!

They are made from 100% pure beeswax. Recommended for ages 3+ Buy in the UK

Eco-friendly dough the kids can create all kinds of things with, made with organic flour.

Each set comes with four colours. Best for ages 2+ Buy in the UK

This healthy fruits and veggies playset lets the littlest cook of the house learn to grasp and cut, learn colours and more.

Additional sets from the same brand are available, such as a tea set, desserts and even sandwiches! Recommended for ages 3+ Buy in the UK

These high flyers are made from recycled plastic milk jugs.

It’s easy to clean (you can put it in the dishwasher even!) and promotes imaginative play. Buy in the UK

Kids will love to be just like mama and papa with this cotton baby carrier.

Perfect for carrying around their favourite baby doll, teddy bear or cuddly toy.

Other patterns and colourways are available. Buy in the UK

This natural finger paint contains only non toxic, natural ingredients making it safe for even the youngest of artists to experiment with.

All-natural and colourful paint that works with fingers, brushes or cut up veggies for potato and carrot printing. Buy similar in the UK

This classic ride on toy is perfect for kids 18 months to 3 years, and a 3 year + version is also available.

This good quality toy will last and last and all children love riding around on their cute little ladybird. Buy in the UK

Hape Fire Station

This amazing fire station has everything any young firefighter needs to get the story going!

Complete with fire engine, helicopter, pole for the firefighters to slide down, and even the station dog! 

This one is top of Tatiana's list! Buy in the UK

This beautiful teepee is made with natural cotton canvas and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Children will love having their own little den to play in and have hours of fun in this great gift! Buy in the UK

With more than 15 science experiments to do, this green science kit is the perfect gift for any sciencee-mad kid.

Children can learn about the environment and sustainability while having tons of fun too! Not available in the US

Made from recycled materials this fun toy is BPA free and safe for even the youngest toddlers.

This is the perfect bath toy that will alst for years and provide hours of fun. Buy in the UK

Perfect for younger kids (up to age 6), this sweet wooden crazy golf set contains two clubs, two balls and a set of ramps and obstacles.

Made from sustainably-sourced wood and decorated with water-based paints it is a sturdy set suitable for use outdoors and indoors. Not available in the US

This colourful alphabet tray puzzle is made from sustainable wood and printed with vegetable inks.

Ingeniously, you can simply lift outt the top puzzle to change the language to French, Italian and German.

The puzzle comes with multilingual learning sheets with icons corresponding to the letters in English, French, Italian and German.

So not only does it teach letters now, promote hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skils, but it will also help with learning foreign languages as kids get older. Win-win! Buy in the UK

This adorable set includes 8 forest animals and other loose wooden pieces for forest play.

Children will love learning about the different animals and playing forests with their set.

Next stop, heading out to the forest to see how many of the animals they can spot in real life! Buy in the UK

Another pick from this wonderful range of toys, the Green Toys seaplane is a brilliant toy and almost indestructable if ours is anything to go by - but don't quote me on that!

Our girls love this toy and have used it at the beach, the river and in the garden. A brilliant buy! Buy in the UK

If you’re still struggling with purchasing the best eco-friendly toys for kids, keep in mind eco-friendly means it’s healthy and safe for the environment and kids.

So, the safer the paint and the more natural resources used, the better.

Make sure to check out the brands we mentioned above to get yourself started with some great ideas.

Happy shopping!

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