15 Brilliant DIY Ideas for Your Home Office

Whether you are setting up a new home office or want to refresh your current one, these DIY home office ideas are a great way to put your creative skills to work.

It’s always fun to spruce things up or change something old into something new.

And sometimes, all it takes is a little more colour to bring a fresh new lease of life to your home office decor.

This can also help improve your productivity. Win-win!

These DIY home office ideas will hopefully give you some fun and fresh new ideas on how you can set up your home office.

They will also help to make your home office space a nicer place to be.

Plus, creating your own storage makes work from home life easier and more organised.

And helps to save space in a fun and creative way.

A great way to keep track of your schedule, this over-sized acrylic calendar can be placed on the wall for everyone to see.

Perfect for keeping track of work projects, as well as tracking your hectic family life!

If you are looking to bring a little life into that dull office chair, this fun tutorial will show you how to give it a makeover.

Fun and functional, this DIY desk hack is made from different supplies that you can find at your favorite IKEA store and it looks amazing!

While you're at IKEA, keep your papers or magazines organized with this easy to make hack.

You can easily turn these inexpensive containers into a stylish and fashionable storage space.

Using some gold paint is a great way to spruce up some plain jars, dishes, or bowls to create a fun desk organizer.

If you're like us you have endless cables and wires! It's time to curb the chaos.

This is a great idea to use Washi tape to  keep all your cables organized, so helpful.

This DIY home office idea will have you creating a fun and functional fabric bulletin board so that you can hang pictures and other inspiring items.

These cute metallic shade magnets are the perfect place to store paperclips, pins, tacks and other little bits that have a nasty habit of finding their way into every nook and cranny.

Another fun desk organizer, this easy to make organizer can help you store and keep track of small supplies.

Ever get those write on file folders just to realize you need it called a different name so then you have to find more tabs? These easy dry erasable labels are what you need.

Add a ton of extra space for storing items with this DIY office shelving tutorial. You can hang it anywhere you want, and it will allow you to decorate your office while keeping you organized.

If you are looking for an attractive way to organize your bills, receipts, or invoices, these DIY document envelopes are an easy and fun make.

This brilliant home office idea will show you how to build a laptop stand with storage so you can stay organised.

Turn those extremely boring and ugly file cabinets into a fun and colorful stenciled file cabinet with this DIY home office idea.

Another great way to store your paperwork or small supplies.

This DIY painted storage box can be customized with your favourite stylish colours.

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