20 of the Best Gifts for Space Mad Kids of All Ages

Do you know a kid who is mad about all things space?

The stars, the planets, space travel, astronauts, black holes and so much more; space fascinates kids of all ages.

If you are buying a gift for a kid who loves space, read on for the best gift ideas for space mad kids of all ages.

We have gift ideas for kids of all ages, from toys for space-mad tots to telescopes for teens, and everything in between.

Take an adventure with the best space toys for kids where everyone can learn how space works, cool new facts about planets, stars, and more!

If you need gift or activity ideas for your favorite space explorer there are some great ideas to get you started BUT before you grab the hottest space toys make sure you ask yourself these questions:
  • Do they have a favorite planet?
  • Do you want it to be educational?
  • Is it age appropriate for them?

Don't miss out guide to the best space books for kids, too.

Oh, and why don't you try something cool with the kids first?

Grab these Astronaut Foods Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwiches for everyone to try!

And if you're looking for a quick activity check out this space theme activity pack for kids.

10 of the Best Space Toys for Younger Kids

This puzzle is great for introducing simple space concepts to smaller kids.

Once complete it’s round in design and you could even glue it together and hang it on the wall!

Once you have a space fan they may not ever want to take off this awesome astronaut space helmet, the visor even moves too!

These educational blocks are designed to be for play and learning as well.

Each side features a new design!

(Not recommended for children who are still putting toys in their mouths.)

Perfect for ages 3+, this powerful little projector showcases 24 intricate images of space including all the planets!

Expanding water beads that feature larger beads that resemble planets.

A great sensory activity for younger kids. (Does contain small pieces)

This spaceship set features 10 iconic spaceships that helped shape American space exploration.

Kids can fly to the moon and more with this easy to set-up space tent.

Features a space design on the inside roof as well as a door flap that can be raised and secured.

This is a great nighttime light for children who may be afraid of the dark or just love space!

Showcases stars on the ceiling to fall asleep too.

Children can create their own space stories with this easy to use easel style set-up.

Comes with two different space scenes and 54 pieces to create epic space stories.

This set comes complete with everything for the best space adventure.

Perfect for imaginative play.

Space Gifts for Older Kids

While said to be for little kids, this book is great for children who are at the reading age.

Very educational and features amazing pictures of all kinds of spacey things.

This is a complete STEM building set with 240 pieces.

Once completed the spaceship will measure 2.5 feet tall!

This kit features 7 different activities that older kids can complete.

While completing the activities they’ll learn about the planets, astronomy, and even a bit of chemistry too.

If you have a child that loves to build and create, this 237 piece kit is perfect.

This real working robotic rover is similar to the ones actually used on space exploration of other planets.

Show children how to stare at the stars for hours with this amazing telescope.

Plus it also comes with educational software too!

This educational decor can be put together and displayed from the ceiling so the kids can see their favorite space elements every night!

Bonus that it also glows in the dark (Recommended for ages 8+)

This intricate set even has functioning lights and comes with little astronauts too.

Set does contain small pieces and is recommended for ages 6-10.

Kids can recreate and grow a real greenhouse garden from Mars.

They'll learn how to create fertilizer and even make rain too just to grow their plants!

Create a functioning space rover that is solar powered!

Learn how the sun can be turned into power to control the new rover car and you will need a soda can from your recycling.

An interactive AR Globe activity that allows kids to scan the Mars globe with a free app that will help them learn all about space and Mars.

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