How to Make Alien and UFO Paper Craft Puppets for Space Fun and Learning

Are you studying a space theme with your homeschool kids or preschooler?

The fascination of space and aliens starts young, and these simple bookmark puppets are easy to make and they fit your space theme perfectly.

Let's face it, finding fun crafts to do with your children can often be overwhelming.

After all, what looks easy and simple enough online or on Pinterest, sometimes doesn’t exactly live up to expectations when we're doing it ourselves!

Yep, not all of us are confident in crafts, but invariably our children absolutely love to do them.

Luckily, these paper crafts are one of the simpler crafts to consider and there are so many things you can do.

Why make this fun space craft?

Space is often a subject that fascinates children and is a popular learnign theme for younger kids.

They learn about the planets and stars, they can think about whether aliens exist and what they may look like or act like.

It can certainly be a subject that sparks imagination and creativity.

This is why this craft is perfect for children to get involved in.

Without further ado, here is the process and what you need to create these papercraft UFO and Aliens. 

Everything you need to create the papercraft UFO and Alien puppets 

The great thing about these papercraft UFO and Aliens is that you will likely have everything you need in a drawer or a craft cupboard.

Read on for all the essentials you need to start the creativity.


Here are all the materials you'll need:

How to make the papercraft UFO and Aliens

Now that you have everything that you need, it's time to start creating.

There will be times where you will need to help younger children with parts such as applying the glue or using the scissors. 

First up, you and your children will need to select coloured craft papers for the UFO and alien papercraft puppets.

Once you have made your selection, use the free printable template to trace the alien patterns onto the paper selected for the alien puppet.

You can make two or more aliens in different colours - and even more than one flying saucer UFO to play with.

Trace the UFO patterns on different coloured craft papers but make sure to trace the sparkle pattern on white paper.

Now that you have your patterns ready on your choice of paper, cut out the traced patterns using scissors. This is where you may need to help some younger children.

Stick the alien head cutout on the top side of the alien body cutout.

Once you have done that, stick the thin border cutout along the bottom side of the glass cutout (this is the half-circular piece).

Next, add the stand cutouts on the bottom side of the UFO base pattern, the round sides of the stands should be facing outwards.

Stick the sparkle shape cutout near the top side of the glass pattern.

Stick the glass pattern along the top side of the UFO base pattern.

Next up, you will need to stick the antennas and the eyes of the alien papercraft. Make sure you then use your sharpie to add a smile to the Alien’s face.

Stick the small round cutouts along with the base pattern of the papercraft UFO. With your sharpie, you can trace outlines of the papercraft UFO.

Stick the Alien papercraft onto an ice lolly/popsicle stick.

Stick the UFO on popsicle sticks to complete the crafts.

Extra notes and tips 

When it comes to crafts we all know that they can often be a little stressful for parents.

So here are a few extra notes and tips to ensure that this crafting session goes smoothly and everyone enjoys making these papercraft UFO and Aliens. 

As we are using scissors and glue for this craft, you may need to be close at hand to help younger children with applying the glue and using the scissors safely.

Some children may need help with tracing or might need you to show them once how to do it.

Let their imaginations run wild and allow your children to choose whatever colours they like for their papercrafts.
Encourage play after the crafts have been created.

Perhaps they can create a show with their puppets.

This is where you can move forward from the craft and encourage other things such as writing and role play.

Variations to try

Of course, as with anything, you don’t need to follow this guide word for word and you could vary the craft to suit what your children want to do, their ages, or even enhance them in some way.

So here are a few variations that you might want to try:

Instead of just drawing on a smile with the sharpie pen, you could get the paints or felt tips out and encourage them to decorate the aliens and UFOs.

They could add glitter, bright colours, and pictures to express how they feel.
Use the aliens and UFOs as part of a different exercise.

For example, you could ask your children to write how they think the alien feels on the body of the puppet.

It might encourage them to think of different describing words (adjectives) and enhance their language skills.


All of us will have questions, and you may not have 100% confidence in your crafting skills.

Here are a couple of questions that will hopefully offer an answer.

What can I do in advance to prepare for this craft?

A great tip is to get everything out before you start crafting, and before your children even have an idea of what they are doing.

It gives you a chance to spread it all out and also allows for the activity to run seamlessly. 

What if I don’t have any coloured paper?

If you don’t have any coloured paper prepare in advance by asking the kids to paint a few pages of white paper the day before.

This could add to the craft as your children can even do the painting side of things.

Or use white paper and encourage your children to decorate the aliens and UFOs with crayons, felt tips or pencils. 

I hope you all have fun creating these paper craft UFO and Alien puppets!

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