How to Make Alien Spaceship Paper Plate Craft Kids Will LOVE to Make!

Following on from our paper craft alien and UFO puppet craft, we have another fun space craft your kids will love.

This alien space ship craft made from a paper plate is complete with a super cute alien friend - and really simple to make.

Crafting is often high on the agenda for children.

They love the chance to get creative, stick things together, paint and colour, and create masterpieces. 

Crafts made from paper plates can be a great option to consider and I have a wonderful one to share with you today. 

Space is often a subject that children find fascinating.

As they learn all about the planets and stars, and also think about how the astronauts travel to space and explore beyond Earth, it opens a fascinating topic to study.

Space sparks their imagination and creativity and this craft is perfect for young children to get involved in.

Read on to find outt how to make a paper plate alien spaceship.

How to Make Alien Spaceship Paper Plate Craft

Follow these step by step instructions to help your kids make their alien paper plate spaceship craft.

You will need to print out our free template first.


Here are all the materials you'll need:


Now that you have everything that you need it's time to start creating.

There will be times where you will need to help younger children with parts such as applying the glue or using the scissors. 

First, cut your paper plate in half.

Take your blue paint, and paint along the border of the paper plate semi-circle. Once you have done that, give the plates time to dry.

Once that paint is dry, pick another paint colour. This could be anything you like.

Use the paint to draw vertical stripes.

At this stage, you need to allow the paints to dry for at least 2 minutes before applying another paint.

Get your red paint now and use this to colour the plate’s top border.

While the paint is drying. Get the PDF templates and start to cut out the circular pieces.

You might need to help younger children at this stage with the scissors.

Now comes the part when your spaceship will start to come to life.

First, glue a few circular paper pieces on the top side of the plate keeping the same distance from each other.

Then glue a few more on the bottom side of the plate.

We’re almost done decorating the spaceship now, but there are a few more things to do.

Now glue a few smaller pieces over the larger circular pieces to add more details to the spaceship’s decoration.

Next up, you need to pick a piece of colourful paper, any colour you like, and cut a larger circle.

This might be a time where you need to help your child tracing a circle and also cutting it out.

Glue the circle you have just created on the middle of the flat side of the paper plate.

Back to the PDF template, now you need to cut out the alien ready for the finishing touches on the spaceship.

Using a marker, draw an expression and facial features onto the alien.

Why not draw a smile or a silly face?

Finish it off by glueing the alien inside the large circle.

And you're done!

Extra notes and tips 

Here's how to make sure this crafting session goes smoothly and that everyone enjoys making the paper plate spaceship craft. 

As we are using scissors and glue for this craft, you may need to be close at hand to help younger children with applying the glue and using the scissors safely.

Some children may need help with tracing or might need you to show them once how to do it.

Let their imaginations run wild and allow your children to choose a different colour for the circle that the alien is glued to.

Or encourage them to be a little more creative with their choice of paint colours.

Encourage lots of fun outer space play after the spaceship craft has been created.

You might like to make some fun aliens on sticks too.

Variations to try

Why not vary the craft to suit what your children want to do, their ages, or even enhance them in some way.

So here are a few variations that you might want to try. 

Instead of just drawing a smile on to the Alien, you could get the paints our or felt tips and encourage them to decorate the character a little differently.

They could add glitter or bright colours, perhaps.
While using paints to colour in the stripes, they could also decorate the spaceship in a different way. 

You could pull out other crafting supplies like pieces of material or even pipe cleaners to add a bit of extra decoration to the craft.


What can I do in advance to prepare for this craft?

A great tip is to get everything out before you start crafting, and before your children even have an idea of what they are doing.

It gives you a chance to spread it all out and also allows for the activity to run seamlessly. 

What if I don’t have any coloured paper?

If you don’t have any coloured paper available, prepare in advance by asking the children to colour or paint a page of white paper the day before.

Have fun making this paper plate spaceship craft!

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