20 Super Fun Pirate Theme Crafts and Activities for Kids

Kids of all ages LOVE pirates, making a pirate theme one of the most fun studies for preschool and older kids.

Read on for 20 of the most fun pirate theme crafts and activities kids will LOVE!

Pirates are so alluring, at least historically, for both adults and children.

Pirates race across the seas in large galleons, complete with beautiful sails, in search of treasure.

From swashbuckling sword fights to walking the plank, there is something so exciting about pirates. 

They are mysterious, dangerous, and we can't get enough of them.

And now, with these wonderful pirate crafts for kids, the whole family can have fun creating their own little pirate friends and treasures.

Check out some of these great ideas for fun projects that kids of all ages can enjoy.

From a pirate treasure sensory bin to ships you can build with your kids, to hand and finger puppets that offer hours of fun imaginative play.

There are all kinds of wonderful pirate crafts here your whole family will love. 

There is no greater treasure than craft projects you and your kids can enjoy together.

Shiver me timbers, these pirate crafts are FUN!

20 Super Fun Pirate Theme Crafts and Activities for Kids

With his black moustache and beard, bandana hat, striped shirt, and eye patch, this paper bag pirate puppet looks ready for adventure.

Kids will love crafting him to become the captain of their ship as they travel the high seas!

This friendly pirate face can be created any number of ways by your children.

You may want to work the bandana part for your younger kids, but older ones will love doing all the work to make the pirate face of their dreams!

This pint-sized pirate can be a play figure on a small pirate ship, or even a finger puppet.

Crafted from a toilet paper roll and other supplies, including googly eyes, he is as fun to play with as he is to make. 

Kids will love making this very cool pirate raft using an old egg carton, lollipop sticks, paint and a little imagination.

They can decorate the sail with any pirate symbol they like, and make their simple craft a colourful delight before heading off for pirate adventures! 

This super cool wooden sword is the perfect size for young pirates of all ages.

Kids can even practice their sword fighting skills with these, but for safety, they may want to remove their pirate eye patch first! 

This large pirate mast is a super cool party decoration or imaginative play toy.

Parents will want to make this for younger kids, but older ones will love helping.

Either way, it is the mast that every young pirate needs for their raft or ship!

This little pirate ship is sweet and simple to make.

Kids can decorate the sail and mast and clip it into their painted clothespin ship.

The fun part is making several ships of different colours so your pirates can really get up to lots of swashbuckling fun!

These cute, chubby little pirate finger puppets feature cool hats, striped shirts, google eyes, and stubble. 

Kids can give their pirate puppets any facial expression they want - from friendly to fierce.

These little guys are ready to go find all the pirate treasure they can!

Start off with a perfect circle of paper or wood and some colourful paper or felt to make this truly adorable little round pirate.

With large eyes and big bellies, these little pirates love wearing hats, or bandanas - whichever your kids prefer.

And don't forget their pirate swords!

This cute little toilet roll pirate friend is easy to craft any way your kids want him to look.

Best of all, your kids can make him his own parrot friend to hang out with him for all his pirate adventures!

This super cool pirate ship is easy to make with the step-by-step instructions provided, although younger kids will need some help.

But this awesome ship comes complete with portholes, a ships wheel, and beautiful sails.

It is the perfect vessel for amazing imaginative pirate adventures in search of treasure!

This cute little pirate ship craft is easy to make using wooden popsicle or craft sticks, glue, and some paint.

These ships proudly wave their flags with the Jolly Roger emblem and stripes of red and black. 

Kids will have a blast creating their own little pirates out of wooden spoons.

All you need is some paper, markers, glue, and googly eyes to bring your little pirate friends to life so they can lead you straight to all that pirate gold!

This simple paper bag puppet craft sports a red bandana, an eye patch, and a friendly smile.

He may not look fierce, but he is tough enough for any adventures you want to take him on.

This pirate friend has all kinds of charm!

No pirate is truly complete without his beautiful galleon for traveling the shining seas.

This pirate galleon is made of paper and sports large sails, a skull and crossbones flag, and enough room to carry all kinds of pirate treasure!

Using a cardboard box, you and your kids can put this awesome pirate ship together.

It features a multi-level deck, square portholes, and even a gang plank.

But it's the black sail with gold stars that really make this pirate ship stand out and with some small pirate friends, your kids will be happily at play for hours!

Not only is this popsicle stick pirate face a fun and adorable craft, it is a lovely keepsake.

The pirate beard is made from tracing the outline of your sweet child's hand.

A great kid toy, you'll want to save this toy long after your kids are finished playing with it.

Using this free template, your kids can make their very own friendly pirate craft using cupcake liners. 

From his red bandana down to his little brown boots, this pirate is all personality - with a friendly parrot on his shoulder.

Just watch out for that hook!

This clever pirate craft is made from paper bowls.

Using paint, yarn, googly eyes, and a few other crafty items, kids can get creative and make their pirates look any way they want - right down to a nice big hoop earring!

One thing that little ones love is to learn all about the shape and feel of items that make up their world. 

For young pirates, this awesome pirate treasure sensory bin is a dream.

Make your treasure from beads, beans, magnets, and all kinds of other crafty goodies.

For added fun, parents can hide the treasure for their little pirates to find, and then let them have lots of fun exploring their pirate booty!

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