15 of the Cutest DIY Felt Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree

Personalize your Christmas tree this year with these beautiful DIY felt ornaments.

Making your own homemade ornaments is a lovely way to create a truly personalized holiday tree.

And felt is one of the most versatile craft supplies you can use to make them.

The wonderful thing about felt is that you can do nearly anything with it, from sewing to sculpting, when you "felt" it together in layers. 

Whether you are a seasoned crafter or looking for a great project for beginners, I hope you'll find some ornaments here that you really like.

Each of these felt craft projects is festive and fun and would look great decorating your tree or your home for the holidays.

And many of them would also make wonderful gifts for your friends and family. 

If you normally think of felt as something the kids work with, you are in for a surprise.

While there are definitely some projects here perfect for kids, many of these are a lovely opportunity for adults to be crafty, too.

Making things beautiful is part of the magic of Christmas!

DIY Felt Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree

This Santa ornament is so cute!

Featuring the merry giftgiver's bright red suit, complete with buttons and belt.

This ornament celebrates  the big man and is a stunning addition to any Christmas tree!

This friendly penguin is a cheerful addition to your Christmas tree with her smiling little face and pink scarf.

A cute craft for adults and older children, you might want to make a whole flock of penguins so they don't get lonely! 

It's hard to resist a delicious Christmas cookie with icing and sprinkles, even when it is hanging on your tree!

This Christmas cookie is not very edible though, no matter how delicious it might look!

Want to make some real Christmas cookies too? Try these delicious cookie recipes!

This adorable stuffed gingerbread house ornament features all kind of fun details like a Christmas tree and a holiday wreath on the door.

Not only do you get to show off your stitching skills, you can personalize this ornament any way you'd like!

It may, at first, seem a little strange to make Christmas Tree ornaments to go on your Christmas Tree. 

But these pretty felt creations include a tasty candy cane, which means that kids - and peppermint lovers - will go crazy for them!

This little felt Christmas angel is the most adorable little friend to hang on your tree.

It is easy to imagine her bestowing blessings all over your family, ensuring that they truly have a happy Christmas!

Another super-sweet Angel for your Christmas tree, this pretty angel is holding a small bell in her hands.

You can never have too many little angels on your side for the holiday!

This lovely snow ball is made of felt and is an easy sewing project by hand or by machine.

Stitched together cleverly for 3-D effect, the added gemstones add a beautiful sparkle to this attractive ornament! 

It seems like every Christmas, someone is wearing a sweater that is so bad, it's wonderful.

In celebration of those hideously beautiful sweaters, these felt miniatures are simply great fun.

There is no bad way to excessively embellish them with all the holiday cheer you can imagine!

These classic felt ornaments are an optical illusion you can create with your own two hands.

The coolest thing is how unbelievably easy they are to make.

You may end up wanting to cover your whole tree in these!

When you see how beautiful this poinsettia Christmas ornament is, you will find it hard to believe how easy it is to make.

But all you need are steady hands, a glue gun, and some red felt, and you can decorate your tree with these stunning flowers!

This sweet little deer is made of felt and features little white spots on her bottom, a tiny black nose, and a big green bow on top of her head.

Stuffed and hand-stitched, this deer is destined to become a family heirloom!

On Christmas night, everyone sleeps, waiting for Santa, even the mouse, as the traditional rhyme tells us.

But this little mouse ornament is all dressed up to be Santa's helper, and you can bring him to life with this great tutorial!

These felt candy ornaments are wonderfully creative and beautiful.

So much simpler than you might expect, these treats look so tasty, you'll be tempted to eat them.

But hang them on your holiday tree to make the season bright!

This hand-sewn felt star is the perfect center to the grapevine wreath that surrounds it.

Rustic enough to fit your country home, this lovely ornament looks great on your tree or anywhere else you wish to hang it!

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