11 of the Best Books About Easter for Kids

With Easter less than two weeks away, it's time to start adding some Easter themed books to bedtime, popping them in Easter baskets and strewing them around your home!

There are lots of gorgeous spring themed books out there and plenty of Easter ones too.

Whether you want to keep Jesus at the heart of the festivities, or just have some cute stories featuring eggs, lambs and bunnies, we have the best Easter themed books for your library or gifting.

Here are some of our favourite Easter books that all the family will enjoy:

Maggie loves to receive gifts, and one wintry day she gets a bulb buried in dirt in the mail.

She would rather have a new toy or a doll, so when spring comes she tosses the old bulb out into the garden, thinking no more about it.

Come Easter morning, Lily steps outside to find the most beautiful flower, and understands the true meaning of grace at Easter. A lovely story.

Once there was once an old couple who weaved baskets, coloured eggs and made chocolate eggs for all the children in their village.

Their little white rabbit watched them as they worked and, when they became too old to make the baskets, the rabbit took over and became the Easter Bunny!

Everyone's favourite goofy camel is back, three decades after he gave Jesus his beloved blanket in Humphrey's First Christmas.

He's delighted to see Jesus again, now all grown up, and watches as he makes hi triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

We love all of the beautifully illustrated Jan Brett books and this story of a little bunny named Hoppi is no exception.

Hoppi is trying to win a chance to help the Easter Bunny to hide all the eggs on Easter morning but, when he finds a robin's egg that has fallen from a nest, he decides to focus on keeping the beautiful little blue egg safe and warm instead.

Perhaps kindness and compassion are more valauable than winning what he thought he wanted?

We're used to hearing 'the reason for the season' at Christmas, but not so much at Easter.

This book seeks to put Jesus's miracles and ministry at the heart of the Easter story, explaining how his actions drew in believers and nonbelievers, leading to his ultimate sacrifice.

The story ends with the greatest wonder of all, that changes His church and the world forever.

Have you noticed that no holidays feature a cat?!

This fun book features Cat who thinks he can definitely do a better job than the Easter Bunny and sets out to prove it.

The only problem is, being the Easter Bunny doesn't allow much time for naps and, actually, it's quite hard work!

The donkey is certainly a more familiar Easter animal!

But this young donkey haas never been ridden by anyone and has yet to realise his important role in Jesus's story.

This lovely story shows that even the lowliest has a role to play and it might just be far more important than you realise.

Or was that young donkey called Davey, bored and unhappy because he's never given anything to do?

Picked one day for the most special task, Davey carries the King, Jesus, into Jerusalem.

This sweet book offers a unique perspective on the events of Holy Week and shows us all why we should follow Jesus in all we do.

The Berenstain Bear cubs are very excited for Easter and all the treats and goodies it may bring.

But when they go to Sunday School, their teacher tells them that's not what Easter is all about. 

As they watch the class next door perform the Easter story in a play and learn about Jesus and the Resurrection, they realise there is far more to Easter than treats and candy!

You may also like these Berenstain Bears books:

Part of the popular Love Letters from God series, children of all ages will love the excitement of opening the lovely letters in this book.

Each letter aids the telling of a Bible story, each with a message of wonder as they elarn about what happened to Jesus leading up to the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

What treasures are there in Benjamin's box?

Like all boys and girls, Benjamin is very, very curious.

Follow him as he follows Jesus through Jerusalem to find out who this man really is.

At first, Benjamin thinks he is a teacher, then a king.

But as he follows Jesus through Holy Week, filling his wooden box with special treasures along the way, he finally learns the REAL good news: Jesus is all about love.

There are lots of lovely Easter books out there for everyone!

Whether you want to introduce your child to the true meaning of Easter, to the story of the Passion, or just want a cute or funny story to share, I hope our favourite Easter books have helped you.

Happy Easter!

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