Easy and Fun Star Wars R2D2 Torn Paper Craft for Kids to Make

Who here loves Star Wars? Are you the biggest fans of R2D2, like us? Try this fun paper craft!

This easy torn paper Star Wars R2D2 Craft is perfect for kids to make and so much fun!

The kids will have a blast creating their own little R2D2 to have in their possession, and you just might find yourself joining in on the fun as well!

(And there is definitely nothing wrong with sitting down and crafting with the kids - in fact, it's encouraged!)

If you're looking for a fun way to get everyone excited about Star Wars or just a unique way to have a craft that isn't a flower, princess, or rainbow, this cute Star Wars craft is a great idea!

It's perfect for May the Fourth a.k.a. Star Wars Day activity, too.

Boys and girls will love being able to create this fun craft and it's great for a wide variety of ages to make as well. 

Fun Ways to use this Star Wars R2D2 Craft

I really love this little guy. He's just the cutest and really quite fun to make.

This is one simple crafting activity that the kids will be able to start and finish, all on their own.

And even if they're younger, just snuggle up next to them and start working.

Before you know it, they'll have the cutest R2D2 craft ever made!

This is one of those crafts that you can hang up proudly on the fridge or kitchen cupboard door and know that it's an eye-catcher for sure.

And if you let the kids watch Star Wars, it's a super fun craft to have them do before or after the show! 

It's always fun to create something that they literally just finished watching! 

This simple R2D2 activity is great for helping them work on their fine motor skills as well as their direction following skills, too.

Each step will help them learn to read and understand the directions to have the end result being the cutest Star Wars craft, ever! 

How to Make the R2D2 Torn Paper Craft

To make this craft you will need to download and print our free PDF template first.

The pages and pieces are separated so that once the glue is dry, you can cut all of the pieces out and glue them together with clean edges.


Craft papers - you will need black, dark grey, dark blue and red
Black cardstock for backing


1. Download and print out the free R2D2 PDF template.

2. Tear pieces of colored craft papers and glue them onto each of the template pieces.

3. Allow the glue to dry completely then cut out each piece of the robot template.

The pieces will now have a clean edge and can be assembled into the R2D2 body.

4. Assemble the assorted pieces of the template out and glue onto cardstock for displaying.

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