Rainbow High Swim and Style Fashion Dolls Review

Does your daughter love dolls?

The new Rainbow High Swim and Style Fashion Dolls could be the perfect gift!

Scroll down to find out what we thought of the new range from Rainbow High.

Our girls are HUGE Rainbow High doll fans!

Lara leads the way with the Rainbow High house, the car, the swimming pool etc etc.

She has a vast collection of the dolls and we have even been known to import special edition dolls from the US - looking at you Rainbow High Paris Hilton!

So they were all delighted to receive two of the new Rainbow High Swim and Style Fashion Dolls to review.

We received Skyler Bradshaw (blue) and Ruby Anderson (red) Swim and Style dolls in their gorgeous shiny new packaging.

So, what did our three think of the new Rainbow High Swim and Style range?

The first thing that struck us, particularly Lara, is that the number of points of articulation has changed with these dolls.

(If you're not familiar with doll collecting jargon, that simply means where they move and bend!)

The earlier ranges of Rainbow High dolls have many points of articulation, for example at the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, leg and even double-jointed knees so they can be played with and posed in many different ways.

Some of them even have waist and ankle articulation, too.

So the first thing we noticed with the Swim and Style range is that they are only articulated at the shoulder, leg and neck.

In some ways this is better, especially for younger children, as the original dolls were prone to breakage when handled roughly.

But Lara, being more of a collector, was a little disappointed by this as she loves to pose her dolls for photos and to have the more realistic movement.

However, not having a metal leg joint means that the Swim and Style dolls can go in water, perfect for playing in the bath, in the pool (real or toy) or at the beach.

What about the accessories, including those beautiful shimmery wraps?

Our girls LOVED the cute swimming costumes, particularly Ruby Anderson's bright red suit with the gold RH logo on it.

So stylish!

Ruby also has a gorgeous red sarong, fancy shoes, bag and sunglasses.

We love the mini guide to tying different styles of sarong too, so fun to get creative with their outfits!

The girls had lots of fun posing the dolls in their different outfits and scenarios and quickly got down to playing out a storyline and having the girls talk about their new pool outfits.

Skyler Bradshaw (how can we not love that nod to Carrie in SATC?!) comes with a denim blue costume, shiny blue satin sarong, blue bag and sunnies.

These are such fun dolls for playing with, from going to a pool party to going on holiday, plus they fit any other Rainbow High fashions you have, and even some Barbie and other similar size doll clothes.

So much fun play potential!

There is so much attention to detail with Rainbow High dolls, particularly in their clothing but also their beautiful shiny, glassy eyes and luxurious mane of hair.

The new Rainbow High Swim and Style Fashion Dolls definitely feel as though they are targeted at a younger audience for playing rather than the almost collector feel of some of the older Rainbow High dolls.

These dolls are SO beautiful that any child will love to play with them, and as I say, being more robust means they are perfect for a younger crowd now too!

The Rainbow High Swim and Style Fashion Dolls make a fun addition to any Rainbow High collection, especially as their outfits can be mixed and matched.

But if your daughter isn't into the Rainbow High world yet, these dolls make a fantastic introduction and beautiful gift for Easter or birthdays.

They're perfect for spring and summer too!

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