Christmas Organisation: 7 Weeks To Go

That's it, Guy Fawkes Day is out of the way, it's officially all-Christmas systems go as far as I'm concerned!

Of course, for many people Christmas started in the January sales, and many more refuse to even contemplate the C word until December 1st or after Thanksgiving.

But with a bit of organisation and planning, this could be your best and easiest Christmas yet.

It's all about breaking everything down into easy chunks, tackling it a bit at a time, and lots of lists! 

Your best Christmas ever is this way...

This week is all about planning ahead, and getting a start on the biggies.

So, here are the main tasks to tackle this week:

Plan Your Day(s)

If you haven't already done so, plan where you're going and when over the festive period.

Get all the dates in your diary now.

Decide where you will be on Christmas Day and Boxing Day - are you at home, out to eat, or at friends or relatives' houses?

Will you be there all day or do you need to split your time between different families or groups?

Talk to all concerned and get your plans set in stone now.

That way everybody knows what's going on and there will be less room for arguments.

Organise Transport and Accommodation

If you need to book trains, hire a car, or book a hotel, do it now.

The earlier the better to get the best rates.

Print your confirmations/tickets and put them in your diary or a lovely brand new Christmas folder (any excuse for a folder!)


Book your panto tickets, visits to Father Christmas, and days out tickets (we love Peppa Pig World at Christmas).

Find out the dates of any local or school events and put them in your diary.

Add all those essential Christmas dates like supermarket deliveries and last posting dates too.

Start jotting down some ideas for activities to do with your kids, check out these articles:

Start Saving and/or Cutting Back

Check your budget and work out just how much cash you'll have spare between now and Christmas. 

When will wages and any benefits be paid?

How much isn't accounted for already with bills etc, and how much will you need to live on per week? 

Whatever is left over is the budget you have to spend.

Whatever you do, don't turn to credit cards and loans to pay for Christmas.

If you only have £100 to spend this year, so be it.

Resolve to budget better over the next 13 months and have a more extravagant Christmas next year.

When you know your budget you can start planning how much to spend.

Don't be tempted to do it the other way round.

One trick we like is to take 10% of this total and put it in a savings account, then if you do go slightly over your budget, you haven't actually over-spent.

Cunning, huh?

More tips:

Make More Money

You could also try generating some extra money before Christmas.

Sounds easier said than done?

Honestly, it IS possible!

Have a declutter and sell some of your items on eBay or Gumtree, or organise a car boot sale.

Your unwanted bits could well be someone else's Christmas present!

Plus, you'll make some cash.

Our last car boot sale raised £170 profit - not bad for an early start and a few hours' standing about!

More ideas:

Christmas Cards

If you plan to order personalised Christmas cards, start thinking about what photo(s) you'll us, or create some great new photos to use.

This is one American idea we can definitely get behind!

For making personaalised cards, we LOVE Snapfish and old skool High Street favourite Bonusprint.

Start Shopping

Nothing too serious, it is only early November after all.

But if you see something on a shopping trip or at the supermarket, pop it in your trolley.

A great way to get a head start on stocking fillers and bits for the kids.

Whilst at the supermarket, try to pop an item or two into your trolley on each trip, things like biscuits, jars of pickles, crackers, snacks and crisps, tubs of chocolates, and loo roll will be fine in the garage if you haven't got space to hide them indoors.

A couple of items each week will reduce your big Christmas shop outlay significantly and you probably won't notice a few extra pounds here and there.

Enjoy your Christmas planning, and check out our 6 Weeks to Go list next week.

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