Britain's Favourite Christmas Day Breakfast!

Tempting as it is to scoff the chocolate coins and Terry's Chocolate Orange from your stocking and then get on with the rest of the day, having a truly celebratory breakfast really makes the start to Christmas Day special.  We tend to have fruit, pastries, juice and possibly Bucks Fizz, but I know others who have to have bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese - or a prawn omelette, apparently!

Choccotone, Asda

Last year we asked our Facebook fans what they had for that special breakfast on Christmas Day, and the results were varied to say the least!  (I'm not sure we can extrapolate this to the whole UK, but maybe...)  In case you're as nosy as me, here are the top choices, most popular first:

  • Bacon sandwiches/butties/barms dependent on your north/south affiliation
  • Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs
  • Pancakes with assorted toppings - try this delicious pancake recipe
  • Croissants/Pains au chocolats/pastries
  • Just chocolate - possibly with the stocking satsuma/clementine too!
  • Cooked breakfast
  • Smoked salmon bagels
  • Muffins: maybe this blueberry muffins recipe or festive cranberry & orange muffins?
  • Waffles
  • Fresh bread/rolls and ham/cheese
  • Irish coffee
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Shakshouka
  • Tea and biscuits
  • Mince pies and cream
  • Cinnamon buns
  • Panettone
  • Cheese scones
  • Caviar

And Bucks Fizz or Champagne is fairly ubiquitous!

Tear and share Panettone, Morrisons

What will you be having for breakfast this Christmas?

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