Cheer Up a Day Stuck at Home with this Fun Indoor Scavenger Hunt

An indoor scavenger hunt is a great way to add some excitement to rainy days or those times when you're stuck at home, waiting for a service person or inside due to snow or some other reason.

This fun at home activity will keep kids busy and having fun.

There is absolutely no preparation required for this at home scavenger hunt.

So bring some sunshine to a rainy day or cheer to your child's sick day with a scavenger hunt for items around the house.

Using items found around the house, this fun indoor activity for kids ticks all the boxes and you can snag this at home scavenger hunt printable over in our shop!

Send them off to find everyday items like a teddy bear, some glasses, a car and a lamp.

You can either send them off to tick the items off, go together, or ask kids to gather the items into a box or basket.

For older kids, you could say that all items should be tiny so they search their LEGO box or in a dolls house.

As busy parents, we are always looking for fun ways to entertain the kids - and if they’re easy printables, all the better!

Best of all, there are plenty of versions of this fun scavenger hunt idea that you can keep up your sleeve for the future.

Try this fun printable indoor scavenger hunt, then you could get creative with things to find in different rooms or in different categories.

For example a shape scavenger hunt or a colour scavenger hunt.

Little kids, and even big ones, will love this fun activity!

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