20+ of the Best Earth Day Crafts Your Kids Will LOVE to Make!

With so much in the news these days about climate change and the things we need to be doing to take good care of our planet, teaching our children to celebrate Earth Day is more important than ever.

Earth Day is a great time to talk about growing food, planting flowers that bees and pollinators need so they will be healthy enough to help pollinate our food plants, recycling, composting, and all the other things we can do to help take good care of nature.

One of the best ways to teach the kids about Earth Day is through having fun with crafts.

Kids love to create and play, and we all know that they learn best through creative play.

I have chosen a nice variety of crafts to share with you here, and each one teaches a little something about recycling, celebrating our beautiful blue planet, or living gently in the world.

I hope your kids love celebrating Earth Day with you this year!

20 of the Best Earth Day Crafts Your Kids Will LOVE to Make!

When it comes to teaching your kids to celebrate Earth Day, this project delivers in two ways.

Not only are you providing a great opportunity to recycle and repurpose some tin cans, but then the kids can use their cans are to grow something - a houseplant, herbs, or even a small vegetable plant!

This creative weaving project is made from some blue and green yarn and a paper plate, providing hours of fun while kids learn all about weaving to create a pretty planet Earth for Earth Day.

What I like most about this hanging Earth Day craft is that the land portions of the hanging earth are actually covered in dirt.

Not only does it make the artistic creation look that much more realistic, it gives the kids a chance to get their hands dirty - always a good thing!

This mosaic earth is a real work of art and one that your kids are sure to be proud of.

This is also one of those projects that can keep kids busy for hours, giving you time to do some creative Earth Day activities of your own!

Your young ones will just love creating this friendly planet Earth friend.

His smiling face and googly eyes are so friendly and happy, and his little accordion arms and legs make him look like they are ready to start dancing at any moment.

Kids will have fun hanging this guy up on the wall after making him.

This pretty craft looks like a work of art, yet it's so easy for kids to put together.

The simple instructions lead you right through printing, colouring, and assembling all the various parts to create these lovely earth-centered daisies.

Who says flowers only grow in the soil?

These pretty coffee filter earth paintings are so easy to make, even the little ones can get creative.

All you need is some food colouring and coffee filters with some pipettes or eye droppers.

Kids use the eye droppers to drip colours of blue and green on their coffee filters, making beautiful planet earths that look like abstract water colour art.

One of the most natural crafting supplies you can make is salt dough.

And when you use salt dough to make a beautiful necklace to celebrate earth day, it's a perfect way to use this crafty medium.

With a planet earth on one side and a heart on the other, the salt medallion hangs from twine to remind everyone of your love for our little blue planet!

One great way to celebrate Earth Day is to learn about the history of the earth through dinosaurs and fossils.

These creative Coffee Ground Fossils are a lot of fun to make and even more fun when your kids can "discover" them in your garden!

There are some lovely ways to make seed paper.

This one is nice and flat and in the shape of a circle - like a cut out image of the Earth itself.

Make your seed paper with whatever combination of seeds you like, from flowers to vegetables.

Once it is planted, the real fun begins!

Not only is this earth day puffy paint craft a really pretty way to paint the planet earth, it is a fun sensory activity, too.

You make your puffy paint out of a combo of shaving cream, Elmer's glue and food colouring.

The thick and sticky paint is so much fun to work with, you may want to create a painting of your own!

Whether you read the book or watch the movie, The Lorax is a great story to share with your kids for Earth Day.

And with this adorable craft, your kids can follow it up by making their very own Truffula Trees.

This beautiful artwork is easy and fun and will look great on your wall when it's finished.

More Dr Seuss ideas:

Another way to create seed paper is to use the paper more like a clay to form different shapes.

You can make small balls of seed-filled paper - or anything else you can think of - even airplanes!

Feeding the birds is always a wonderful thing to do, on Earth Day and every day.

One fun way is to make these cute birdseed ornaments to hang in your trees.

Decorative and fun, the birds in your garden will love the chance to celebrate with a feast of their own!

If you happen to have some empty plastic eggs left over from Easter, this project shows you how to upcycle them into music shakers.

The organic shaker sound makes a great accompaniment to any singing your kids do for Earth Day.

It's always nice when kids have the opportunity to try a new craft.

If your kids haven't worked with tissue paper for a while, this is one fun craft they can do for Earth Day. 

Bits of tissue paper make an excellent sea for your kids to cover with cut out land continents.

This planet earth deserves a place on the wall!

This pretty Earth is made from recycled newspaper, which looks really beautiful when painted.

The sweet red heart in the center expresses your love for the planet and for the people we share it with.

Not only is this craft a lot of fun for kids to create, it teaches them all about butterflies along the way. 

From tiny eggs on a leaf through the caterpillar and chrysalis stages, right on through to a full grown butterfly, your kids get to create it all.

What a great way to celebrate Earth Day!

Those little flat lids from milk cartons look absolutely adorable when painted up like friendly ladybugs, complete with a nice pair of googly eyes.

Make a whole set and you can use your ladybugs as game markers and more!

Check out these other cute ladybird crafts for kids.

You might find it really surprising to see how cool it looks when you let a layer of Elmer's Glue dry covered in glitter.

I know I was!

But when you hang your dried creation up in the sunlight, it makes an amazing suncatcher perfect for Earth Day!

This beautiful craft looks like stained glass.

It features a translucent planet earth with the shadow of two hands in front of it, reaching out to each other.

This lovely craft not only allows children to express their love for the earth through creativity, it reminds them that people are part of the earth, too.

Even the youngest kids will enjoy creating their own planet for Earth day with this torn paper earth craft.

Simply print the earth outline picture and your toddlers and preschoolers can fill the picture in with torn bits of green and blue paper, creating a work of art they will be very proud of!

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