15 Awesome DIY Gifts You Can Make From Wood

Are you thinking about making some of your holiday gifts this Christmas season?

Many people think that handmade presents are the best gifts of all.

And everyone knows the special charm of a handcrafted item made of wood.

If you have the skills to make things from wood and want to get a jump start on your gift-giving list, this selection of wooden gifts is full of amazing ideas!

Below I have compiled a lovely collection of links for all kinds of handcrafted projects made from wood.

There is enough variety to offer up ideas perfect for many of your favourite people, from toys for kids to personal items for the home.

I hope some of these projects will inspire you with your own unique gift ideas. 

Finding the exact right gift for everyone you love is the ultimate goal, for their birthday, during the holidays and other special occasions all through the year.

I hope that you find the exact right gift here for all the people you wish to celebrate this holiday season! 

15 Awesome DIY Gifts You Can Make From Wood

This beautiful little herb garden is designed to sit nicely on a table or countertop.

The wooden base holds as many terra cotta pots as you choose, depending on the size you need.

Makes a great gift for anyone who loves plants or delicious food made with fresh herbs!

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Another lovely gift for one of the plant lovers in your life, this beautiful plant stand is easy to make, even if you're a bit new to woodworking.

Designed to hold medium-to-large potted plants, this plant stand would be a welcome addition to any decor!

These pretty triangle bookends are so sweet and simple.

If someone you love is into books, they will be thrilled to have these bookends in their lives.

This thoughtful gift will be even more meaningful because it was made BY YOU!

These days, it seems that kids spend so much time playing on electronic devices that many of them have missed out on the sweet simplicity of a wooden toy.

But this friendly little wooden robot might just change all that.

Make this happy friend for the special child in your life and watch their face light up with delight!

All you need are three pallets (or the equivalent) to create this enchanting backyard playhouse.

Surprise your kids with this fun gift and watch their happiness as the garden suddenly becomes a whole new world of possibilities!

These decorative Advent Candlesticks are made possible with your woodworking skills.

These beautiful candles are a welcome gift anytime of year, but especially for the holidays.

You may even want to gift these early so they can be part of the festivities all season long!

This lovely mirror is a sweet and easy project for beginners to woodwork.

The simple design makes it an easy fit in any decor.

A good hand-held mirror is one of those things that people may not realize they need.

But once they get this mirror from you, they may wonder how they ever lived without it.

We all know someone who loves nothing more than to relax on the sofa watching the telly.

This wonderful Sofa Sleeve is an easy and fun woodworking project that provides the recipient with the perfect place to place their drink while enjoying their favorite programme!

Sometimes you know that the best present for someone is a simple six-pack of ale, but that may not seem like much of a gift.

However, when you store that six pack in a wooden beer caddy handcrafted by you, everything changes.

This handy carrier even comes complete with a built-in bottle opener!

The best toys are often the most simple and nothing beats the wonder of a set of wooden blocks.

You can save lots of money by making those colourful blocks yourself.

And the special kids in your life will love playing with them even more knowing that they were made by someone who loves them!

These Hexagon wall planters are a pretty amazing project and the finished product is so beautiful.

They make a wonderful gift for anyone you know who loves plants!

Who says bath mats always have to be these soft bits of fabric that soak up water and then take forever to dry again?

This unique bath mat is made of cedar and gives your feet a secure place to stand when you step out of the shower.

Best of all, it won't take hours to dry out!

Do you know a mum who wants to get into meal planning?

This chalkboard menu is a wonderfully simple woodworking project that will come in handy for busy families.

This attractive menu sits on the floor rather than attaching to the wall, make it renter-friendly as well!

Even if you don't normally work with wood, you can make this wood bead floral wreath.

The supplies for this beautiful decorations are all easy to purchase and the project is great for beginners. 

Makes a great gift for someone special!

These tiny sweet little houses are simple to make even for beginners, and can be made out of any scrap wood you have.

They make a great gift for anyone who loves miniatures, trinkets, or small wooden toys.

You could even use them to decorate at Christmas time.

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