10 of the Best Disney Princess Cupcakes Perfect for Your Next Party

Are you planning a Disney Princess party, tea party or other Disney-themed celebration?

These gorgeous princess themedd cupcakes are perfect for afternoon tea, parties, family movie night and other Disney-inspired events.

Whether their favourite princess is Cinderella, Belle, Rapunzel, Elsa or Ariel, there's a cupcake here that's perfect.

And whether you prefer the older films like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White or more modern ones like Tangled, Moana or Frozen, everyone will love these delicious and stunning cupcakes.

Little Mermaid Ariel Dingle Hopper cupcakes

Any Little Mermaid fan will adore these beautiful shell encrusted cupcakes with their adorable dingle hopper fork decorations.

The perfect addition to any Disney tea party or birthday celebration.

Sleeping Beauty Aurora cupcakes

How cute are these Sleeping Beauty Princess Cupcakes!

They are Raspberry Jello Cupcakes with White Chocolate Raspberry Jello Buttercream Frosting.

Frozen Elsa cupcakes

These beautiful Elsa cupcakes are perfect for a Frozen party, movie night or other celebration.

With Minnie Mouse ears they are the perfect Disney cake too!

The perfect Rapunzel cupcakes for your Tangled birthday party!

These cupcakes are so easy to make but just as beautiful as if you bought professional ones.

Make your own Snow White inspired cupcakes!

Use our royal icing cupcake topper tutorial to create an apple.

Heart of Te Fiti Moana cupcakes

These Moana-inspired cupcakes are as cute was they are tasty!

Each one features a Heart of Te Fiti, made from sugar sprinkles.

If you want to make Frozen Elsa cupcakes for your kids party, or even as a treat while you enjoy the new Frozen movie, then here is an easy cupcake decorating tutorial for you.

These Beauty and the Beast cupcakes with the most beautiful strawberry roses are just perfect for a tea party with Belle!

Cinderella Glass Slipper cupcakes

These adorable cupcakes look stunning but they can be made with pre-bought cakes and are actually really easy to make.

Perfect for any Cinderella or Disney Princess party or afternoon tea.

Adorable cupcakes don’t have to be complicated.

These Snow White inspired cupcakes are simple and perfect for your little princess.

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