Fun Winter Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt Printable to get Your Kids Outdoors

The kids are going to love this Winter Scavenger Hunt, perfect for your next winter walk!

It's a great way to get them outside being active and getting excited about the winter weather and wildlife.

Winter is the perfect time to get outdoors to explore nature!

Even if you live in an area where it might not get all that cold, you can still do this fun activity with your kids!

All they need is a little bit of imagination, energy and some time and they'll be running around and having a blast!

Winter Scavenger Hunt

The great thing about this winter walk scavenger hunt is that it gets everyone up and moving and, most importantly, out of the house.

The temptation to sit in front of a screen when it's cold outside is so tempting, so the thought of something fun to get us up and moving around sounds perfect!

It's a wonderful way to get kids learning in an exciting and natural way too.

A nature walk is the perfect opportunity to explore everything nature has to offer at any time of year.

Our seasonal scavenger hunts are a great accompaniment to your family nature walks.

How do you actually do a scavenger hunt?

All scavenger hunts might be a bit different but this one is really simple.

Since it has the pictures and the words, it can easily be done by younger kids and older ones, too. 

The main thing that you'll have to do is print and have it ready for the kids.

Set a few ground rules for safety and then watch them run around outside trying to find all the items on the list. 

They can do this on their own or pair up as teams. It doesn't matter as long as they're having fun and being active! 

Be certain to think of a fun little prize to award the winner and then have fun talking about all the items that they were able to see.

They'll be so excited to talk about it that they might just want to do another fun scavenger hunt right away as well!

Have fun doing this fun Winter Scavenger Hunt together as a family.

This is a great way to have everyone working together to find all the items on the list. 

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