How to Plan a Super Fun 3 Rex Dinosaur Birthday Party

Do you have a little one turning three?

Celebrate your toddler with the perfect prehistoric party that will make your dinosaur lover roar with excitement.

Nothing will scare up fun like an exciting dinosaur Three Rex birthday party!

Decorate with the savages of dinosaurs past and present to create a prehistoric paradise for your little boy or girl with 3 Rex party decorations that are fun and easy to use.

3rd Birthday Party Ideas

There are so many cute themes out there for third birthdays, but this printable 3 Rex set is too adorable and makes a great party theme for any soon-to-be three year old.

With the help of some creative birthday party decorations, you can blow away your dinosaur party guests when they see your dino themed party.

It's sure to be a party they will never forget!

The best part it that your birthday child will LOVE it, and so will all their friends!

Everyone will have a blast with this fun theme that's perfect for boys and girls alike.

3 Rex Birthday Party Printables

To help you plan a quick and easy birthday party, I have put together the ultimate 3 Rex party printables set for you.

I know how hard it is to get these things done when you have a little one running around and more than you can handle on your plate daily.

No need to stress over your little one’s big day when everything is ready and waiting at your fingertips.

Just download, print, and cut!

How do I celebrate my child's third birthday?

The best part is these cute little dinosaurs will be perfect for any birthday party and provide hours of entertainment for a group of kids!

You’ll wonder how you ever threw a party without them… trust me.

The set includes pages of adorable printables like:
  • 3 Rex Birthday Invitations
  • A Three Rex Party Banner
  • Water Bottle Labels
  • A 3 Rex Sign
  • Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers
  • Printable Stickers for Party Bags or Invites
  • Dino Maze Thank You Cards

These 3 Rex birthday decorations are the perfect addition to any dino party.

Now that you have everything from your invites to thank you cards ready to go, let's talk about activities and the cake!

Easy 3 Rex Birthday Cake

Since your littlest one is a dinosaur, there's no better way to celebrate than with a cake that is fit for the king of all dinosaurs… the T-Rex.

Just follow the instructions to make a simple sponge cake, then add a new plastic dinosaur toy (or three smaller ones), a 3 candle, and you’ll be on your way! No stress needed.

After you make a cake for the birthday boy or girl, whip up a batch of cupcakes for all the guests and top them with our printable cupcake toppers.

You could add these easy to make dinosaur footprint cookies to your party buffet table too!

Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

Are you looking for more fun dinosaur party food ideas?

Make some of these treats that are super fun and dinosaur themed.

The kids will love them!

This fun dessert is prefect for a dinosaur birthday or just a cute dessert for anyone that loves dinosaurs! 

You’ll love how easy this Dinosaur Fossil Eclair Dessert is to make and how cool it looks.

This is a fun alternative to a regular dinosaur cake!

Pamela's daughter’s birthday cake request: “I want a dinosaur ballerina cake”.

Sprinkles, tutu, pink cake and lots of love. Planning a more girly 3-Rex party? Let’s make it!

And we have various versions of dinosaur cookies:

If your little one is obsessed with all things related to the prehistoric creatures, they will love these cookies!

Not only do they look like dinosaur paw prints, but they also taste delicious. 

Does your little paleonotogist like the Disney movie The Good Dinosaur?

These sweetly delicious Dinosaur Foot cookies are fun to make.

Kids can even help forming the feet and toes!

Keep it simple and get the kids involved with this fun and easy dinsoaur footprint cookie recipe.

Delicious cookies that dinos have stomped all over, what's not to love!

Dinosaur Party Games & Activities

Your toddler and all their friends are sure to have a blast with these fun dinosaur games and activities.

1. Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur

A birthday classic with a dino twist!

2. Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Hide candy eggs or these toy filled dino eggs around the party area for a fun prehistoric twist on an old favourite.

3. Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt

Give each child a list of things to find around the party area or house. The first one to find everything on their list wins a prize!

4. Dino Dig

Bury some small dinosaurs in a sandbox or empty kiddie pool for the little ones to dig up and take home.

You could even create some maps and supply some mini paleontologist tools for the dig!

5. Get the Baby Dinos to the Nest!

With this version of an egg and spoon race, kids use tennis bats to carry the baby dinosaurs back to the nests.

Hanging basket holders work well as nests, then all you need are a couple of packs of dinosaurs to get back to their nests.

These are just a few fun ideas to get you started, but feel free to get creative and come up with your own!

If older siblings are attending too, you could add some of these cute dinosaur craft ideas to your activities.

I hope you enjoyed these 3 Rex birthday party ideas and printables.

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