10 of the Best Unusual Gifts for Creative Kids

Do you have a creative kid on your gift-giving radar and you're not sure what to get them?

If they've already got a basket of mini canvases and paints and you're not sure where to start, read on...

Here's our pick of the best creative ideas from Etsy's kids toys selection this year, from big gifts to stocking fillers in a variety of price ranges.

We all love finding unusual gifts, something a bit different to the norm, for our loved ones.

But finding those on the high street and even the usual online haunts is a challenge, which is why we recommend Etsy for unusual gifts from small businesses that do something quirky, different or just darn cute!

Click the Etsy ad below to head over to shop now, or scroll down for our pick of the best creative gifts for kids...

The perfect stocking filler for kids of all ages, after all who doesn't love something with their own name?

These handmade beeswax crayons are 100% natural and non-toxic, plus they smell amazing!

We love that they come with cute little characters alongside, such as unicorns, bunnies, ducks, robots or sea creatures.

Building Block Set

Building blocks are a classic toy and offer all sorts of open0ended play opportunities for creative kids.

But I bet you've never seen a set like this!

This gorgeous set of blocks in vibrant colours comes together to build the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul, but there are so many other possibilities with these beautiful tactile blocks that little hands will love.

This cute make your own felt heart kit is a cute stocking stuffer for kids aged 8+.

The pre-cut heart-shaped pieces make it easy for beginners and they get a cute decoration for their room at the end.

Hearts and rainbows, two of those tween kids favourite things!

Gifts in a tin are a big hit with the 7 to 11 crowd and this space station one is perfect for anyone who loves space.

Compatible with the leading brand of building blocks (you know!) this cute space set is ideal for taking to grandma's or playing with on the train or plane.

The 180 plastic building blocks can be used to create three fabulous models: a rocket, a satellite and a moon buggy. 

Solar System Craft Kit

Kids fascinated by the stars and planets will alos love this solar system craft kit.

The perfect gift for budding astronomers, they can create their very own solar system using the wooden cut outs, watercolour pencils & lolly sticks.

The wooden kit is comepletely plastic free and suitable for space mad kids of all ages.

Another wooden toy we love, these rainbow balancing stones are a great toy from toddlerhood up.

They fit a Montessori philosophy, look beautiful and are wonderfully tactile for little hands.

Having said that, we know a few execs who have a set on their desks for a quick zen moment when required, so maybe not just for kids...

This beautiful set contains assorted bags of 'magic' ingredients that can be combined together to make fizzing and bubbling potions.

We got one of these for our 9 year old last year and she LOVED it!

Perfect for playing with in the garden, in a mud kitchen or just in your kitchen or bathroom, the set contains all sorts of delights to mix together to make wonderful fairy potions and spells.

If you are looking for a special gift that will last and last being played with day after day, a sensory table is ideal. There are endless possibilities with this one!

They can play with soapy water, dyed rice or pasta. You can set up sensory bins for themed play. They make great places to explore and investigate nature finds, play with flowers and wash cars. (These beautiful wooden animals would make the perfect addition.)

And when they're bigger you can let them loose with the potions above!

This gorgeous bracelet making kit is perfect for three to eight year olds.

The kit contains enough beads to make 10 bracelets, and includes a selection of rainbows, flowers and geometric beads.

The rainbow coloured spacer beads complement the showpiece beads to make beautiful rainbow accessories kids will love. 

they might need to wait until the sun makes a welcome return in sspring to use this one, but it's worth the wait.

Just place natural items like flowers, ferns and leaves onto the cyanotype light sensitive paper, leave them to develop in the sunshine and watch the paper change colour.

Then plunge into water to see your images appear for some instant gratification art !

Head over to Etsy tob get those creative gifts for kids wrapped up fast!

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