How to Make Back to School Season More Eco-Friendly

Back to school season has become synonymous with shopping, with endless lists of must-buy items.  But there are more eco-conscious ways of doing back to school.  Read on for how to get ready for back to school in a more green, environmentally-friendly way.

The Lunchbox

Lunch boxes reduce waste, as long as you use sustainable wrappings inside, and add a cloth rather paper napkin and proper, reusable cutlery.  Use tin foil instead of cling film, then reuse and finally recycle it.  Or invest in reusable wrappers like these cute reusable sandwich bags.

Remember your lunchbox as a kid?  Was it festooned with Star Wars characters, Care Bears, Smurfs, or Superman?  I bet it was plastic all the way.  These days it's possible to get a more eco-friendly lunchbox that will last and keep food fresh.  They are a bit plainer than your old standby, but on the plus side there's plenty of room to add some favourite stickers!

Just remember to put plenty of name labels on so it doesn't disappear into the lost property ether...

These are our two favourite eco lunchboxes:

Stainless steel lunchbox, Graham & Green

Japanese two tier Bento box


The easiest way to be more environmentally-friendly is simply to use what you already have.  And question whether a new item is really necessary.  If you must buy more or buy new, then research the most sustainable products available, like these cute backpacks made from recycled plastic bottles.

More than 6 billion pens are thrown away annually and disposable, mechanical pencils are regularly tossed out when the graphite sticker or eraser is exhausted.  But most of us are already sitting on quite a mountain of pens, pencils and other supplies.  Before you buy any more, check your drawers and cupboards to gather together what you already have.

Make the switch to wooden pencils and refillable fountain pens.  If you must buy more biro-type pens, try these pens made from plastic water bottles instead.

Lyra Ferby pencils

Getting There

If you possibly can, walk or cycle to school with your kids, at least some of the week anyway.  Not only will it help save the environment, but your kids will be fitter and healthier too.

Alternatively, ask if your school runs a walking taxi service, or ask around with other parents to see if you can car pool or if they can all walk together with one or two supervising adults.

These are just some of the simple ways you can begin the process of greening your child's back to school.

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