7 Fun Family Activities for the End of the Summer

As the end of summer rolls around, we can start looking forward to cooler days, crisp leaves and all the delights of autumn. We all hope for sunny September days and even an Indian summer, but for many it's back to school and the end of freedom, for a while. As your family gets ready to go back to school, and before the summer officially ends, spend some time together with these fun family activities for the end of the summer.

Part of family life is making your own little celebrations and rituals down through the years. So why not take part in some family activities that create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime? Here's how to celebrate the end of summer with an event that's fun for the whole family.

Try these seven family activities for an exciting end to your summer:

1. Make a memory book

Have everyone in the family get together and make a memory book or scrapbook together. Collect photos from your summer or other scraps and artwork that would fit into a book of memories. This will give you a lasting memento of the good times you had over the summer.

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2. Splash around

The summer usually means a good time around water. Throw a pool party or play around in the sprinklers. Have a water balloon fight with your family. Involve water while you still can, before the cold days of autumn and winter arrive.

3. Make summer recipes

Pick out your favorite summertime recipes and make food and drinks with your family. Start with drinks like iced tea and lemonade, or pick another family favourite that you associate with summer. Then, make summer treats or throw a BBQ in the garden.

Try these:

4. Go to the beach

The end of the summer might be one of your last opportunities to hit the beach this year. So go out in style! Take plenty of towels and beach toys, a picnic and your camera. Build a sand castle with your kids, bury someone in the sand, have fun!

5. Throw a summer party

Get together with your family and throw an end of the summer bash for all of your friends. Your family can plan the party together, cook the food and make decorations. Take lots of photos of your party so you can remember the good time you had.

6. Get ready for school

Enjoy getting ready for the school year with your family. Get the whole family involved and find the fun in shopping for clothing and school supplies. Choosing new clothes and school supplies needn't be fun, so make it an event.

7. Relax at home together

Enjoy some quiet time at home before the craziness of the school year starts. Order a take-away and talk around the dinner table. Rent some family friendly movies to enjoy while you hang out together, you could even make your own delicious chocolate toffee popcorn.

Pick one of these, or come up with your own end of summer activity ideas. The most important thing is that you take the time to enjoy hanging out with your family. The end of summer can be an exciting time so take the opportunity to bond and create some priceless memories together.

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