20 of the Most Adorable Mother's Day Cards for Kids to Make

There are all kinds of wonderful ways to express love for mum on her special day, and one of the best is for kids to make their own Mother's Day card.

These sweet arts & crafts projects aren't simply cards, they are a gift in and of themselves.

Read on for 20 of the most adorable Mother's Day cards for kids to make.

Using common craft items, footprints, handprints and their own creative abilities, kids can make one card - or many.

Hearts and flowers are two things that mum is sure to appreciate on Mother's Day and many of these adorable cards feature one or the other, or both.

And if your kids are running out of time to make the perfect card, there's even an option for printing up a lovely Mother's Day card for them to colour in.

Mum takes good care of us each and every day of our lives. So on her special day, these cards are a lovely way to let her know how much she means to you.

Her sweet and happy smile will be all the reward you need!

Happy Mother's Day!

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20 of the Most Adorable Mother's Day Cards for Kids to Make

These Mother's Day Love Bug Cards are, well, as cute as a bug.

Your child's precious thumbprint provides the body and the wings for these happy smiling bugs as they fly around in a jar surrounded by hearts.

What a cute way to tell mum you love her!

These hyacinth flowers are unbelievably easy to make, even small children can do a beautiful job.

A bright oval of colour covered with loops of paper make for bright and cheerful flowers that mum will treasure for years to come!

This creative and lovely Mother's Day card features a bouquet of bright flowers made up of dots of paint from a Q-tip (cotton bud).

The flowers spring forth from a vase made from half a paper cup, giving this card a 3D look that is lovely and unique.

All kids love to colour, and these printable Mother's Day Cards offer a great opportunity for them to bring all those colouring skills to the table.

Choose your crayons or coloured pencils and your favourite design and get to work, creating the perfect card for mum on her special day!

This simple Mother's Day card is such an easy and creative idea.

By painting rainbow colours around the heart shaped stencil, and filling the hearts with bright red paint, kids can create an explosion of love to touch mum's heart!

If you have a Cricut, you can help kids make a lovely card with colourful Deco Foil.

Sweet, shiny flowers look so pretty and cheerful and the word "Mum" leaves no doubt who those flowers are for!

This Mother's Day Card is bursting with colourful flowers that are so simple to make, even the youngest child can help make them.

Glue piles of flowers onto your card with cute little button centres, for a 3D bouquet of flowers that will make mum smile!

This simple Mother's Day Card makes it clear that cupcake liners aren't just for baking anymore.

When stacked together just right, those cupcake liners become precious petals for your flower.

Bright buttons in the centre complete mum's lovely flower, for a kid made creation to brighten her day!

This creative Mother's Day Card uses crumpled bits of tissue paper to create a pretty bouquet of flowers for mum.

This card is perfect for younger kids to create with just a bit of help and guidance.

Unique and lovely, this Mother's Day bouquet is a real work of art!

If mum is a fan of hearts and flowers, this 3D effect card is the perfect Mother's Day card!

Each flower petal and leaf is made from a folded heart, and the pretty flower that results looks perfect when placed inside a colourful heart.

Mum won't be able to take her eyes off this lovely card!

Mother's Day Cards really come to life when they include 3D flowers like these pretty tulips.

These tulips look amazing, yet are so simple to make that you'll want to make even more of them - on cards and other crafty works of art!

One of the most precious things in a mum's life is the footprints of her children, especially when they are babies.

This creative Mother's Day Card is easy to print and even easier to decorate when you fill those butterfly wings with sweet tiny tot footprints.

This card will be a keepsake for mum to treasure long after those tiny footprints have grown up large!

A necklace is a great gift for mum that kids can either buy or make.

And these printable little cards are one awesome way to give mum her gift.

Print up the cards and let kids colour them creatively, then attach mum's necklace and watch the smiles begin!

These Mother's Day Cards are so pretty and they're great fun to make too.

Children create their pretty flowers on white card stock with brightly coloured sequin paillettes, making flowers that glitter in the light.

These shiny colours will brighten up mum's day in the most wonderful way!

These friendly birdhouse cards are a wonderful creation for mums and grandmas on Mother's Day.

The sweet little houses are made from craft sticks and other items you probably have at home already. 

These little houses are designed for birds but are certain to hold mum's heart too!

This creative card is a truly adorable work of art.

Friendly birds hang out together on a tree branch with green button leaves.

Mum will love her card and may even decide to frame it so it can decorate her life for many years to come!

Setting a child-made 3D tulip into a heart-shaped card makes a creative and welcome gift for Mother's Day.

This card is a wonderful treasure for mum and is an easy-to-make gift for kids of all ages.

What mum doesn't love hearts and flowers?

This creative and clever Mother's Day card goes a step further than most because it gives the recipient a big hug.

Proclaiming the truth - that there really is nothing like a mother's hug!

When you give mum this lovely card, you're certain to get one of those wonderful hugs for real!

Another wonderfully creative card for kids to make, this card stretches out to show just how very much they love their mummy.

Of course, every kid knows that their love for mum is immeasureable, but this card is a fun attempt to show it off!

This kid-made card is a super-sweet way for children to shower mama with love on Mother's Day.

The little umbrella is made from half a cupcake liner and the letter J.

Heart shaped raindrops complete the picture.

This is the kind of rain shower that every mum loves!

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