A Beautiful Spring Flowers Tulip Paper Craft for Kids to Make {with free printable stencil}

Spring is deifnitely my favourite season. The birds are singing, the sun is shining and the bees are buzzing.

And what better way to celebrate all the beautiful spring flowers than this pretty tulip flower paper craft?

This spring flower paper craft is fun to make and could work beautifully as a Mother's Day or Easter card too.

Children will love being able to create a beautiful spring flower that is so vibrant and bright.

And you'll love having a flower in your house that takes no effort or maintenance.

It's a win-win for all!

Tulip Spring Flower Paper Craft

The best part about making beautiful spring flowers with paper is that they can bring bright colours and a lovely spring feel to your home all year round.

So the more flowers that the kids want to create, the better!

This is such a simple paper craft that will bring a smile to everyone's faces.

Dare I say that the kids might want to create an entire garden full of these adorable flowers as well?

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Preschool Spring Paper Craft for Kids 

We all love spring flowers because their bright colours make us feel happy and give us hope that lovely warm summer weather is on the way.

Flower crafts are always a great idea because they're lovely, beautiful images made in bright colourful shades.

This tulip flower craft is bright and colourful and makes a lovely spring decoration or card.

Simple paper crafts like this are perfect for preschoolers as they can help them to  build their confidence while working on their fine motor skills.

Little kids love to get stuck in making these kind of paper crafts.

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Use this simple Spring Flower Papercraft as the perfect (and much-needed) decoration to brighten up your home!

How to Make Spring Flowers Tulip Paper Craft


Here are all the materials you'll need:

Green craft paper (3 shades)
Craft paper for tulips (your choice of colour)
Craft glue


1. Choose 3 different shades of green craft paper and 2 flower colours (e.g. red, pink, purple, orange, yellow or white).

2. Use the free printable stencil to trace the grass patterns on 2 different shades of green paper, then trace the stem and leaf patterns on the other piece of green paper.

3. Trace the tulip petal patterns on the papers selected for the flowers.

4. Cut out all of the traced patterns.

5. Apply glue along the sides and bottom of the short grass pattern, but not on the top zigzag edge.

6. Stick the glued side of the short grass pattern along the bottom side of the long grass pattern.

This way it will form a pocket on the top side, between the 2 grass layers. 

7. Grab the tulip petals and stick a petal on a side of the teardrop shaped petal (the middle petal).

The pointy top end of the side petals should face outwards.

8. Stick the other side petal on the opposite side of the first one.

9. Stick the leaf patterns onto the stem cutout.

10. Stick the paper tulip on the top side of the stem cutout.

11. Insert the bottom side of the stem through the grass pocket.

12. Craft more flowers and put them inside the grass pocket to make a pretty garden.

The craft can then be used as a decoration or attached to a sheet of card to make a pretty birthday, Mother's Day or Easter card.

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