18 DIY Sensory Bottle Ideas for Calm Down Corners that Kids Will Love

Everyone gets a little stressed out sometimes, including kids.

Sensory bottles are a wonderful activity and tool for times when you want to encourage kids to relax and play quietly for a while.

They are also a great teaching tool for many topics, as well!

Sensory bottles often involve glittery and colourful eye-catching items and they can be unbelievably creative.

I went looking for some really cool ideas for sensory bottles from some of my favourite bloggers and I found some I really love.

Kids who love adventure will probably love the buried treasure version of the pirate-themed sensory bottles.

And if you want to celebrate the seasons, there are sensory bottles themed for Spring, Autumn, and Winter, each more beautiful than the last!

These sensory bottles are so much fun, you might just want to make them all!

20+ DIY Sensory Bottle Ideas for Calm Down Corners that Kids Will Love

This stunning sensory bottle captures the beauty of a rainbow sky and brings it inside where you can hold it in your hand.

The blue sky contains cottonball clouds and brightly colored rainbows to dazzle the eyes and calm the spirit. 

When teaching your children about the ocean and the things that live there, why not bring it inside with this awesome mini aquarium.

You can use it to focus on the ocean floor, or any sea creatures your kids love!

Kids love to celebrate St. Patrick's Day by wearing green, catching leprechauns, and eating green food. 

And with this sensory bottle, they have another great way to celebrate the day with lots of glittery green, gold coins, and other treasures that are sure to make the leprechauns jealous. 

Sometimes kids just need a light to stay on long enough for them to go to sleep.

This glow in the dark sensory bottle is a wonderful idea for just that purpose.

The pretty stars glow brilliantly after soaking up daylight for a while, and gives your kids something to comfort them in the dark as they drift off to sleep!

This sensory bottle is all about celebrating spring flowers like daisies and dandolions.

Bright yellow flowers are the friendliest flowers, after all.

Give your kids the gift of springtime right there in their hands!

With sparkles in gold to convey sunshine and deep blue glitter that looks like rain clouds to convey stormy whether, these sun and rain sensory bottles are a fun way to bring the weather inside for little kids.

They will be mesmerized watching the swirling glitter no matter what the weather is like outside!

Whether you are celebrating Valentine's Day or just wanting to show the love to your kids, these sensory bottles are a beautiful sight.

Filled with Xs and Os for hugs and kisses, and hearts, too, if you can find them, these bottles are filled with all kinds of red sparkly beauty.

Your kids will be enchanted!

Kids love pirates and pirate treasure, and these sensory bottles are a great way to enjoy some pirate treasure.

There are three possible variations to make and each one is a lot of fun for treasure-seaking kids.

And with these sensory bottles, there is no risk of having to walk the plank!

Celebrate springtime with a sensory bottle for your favourite toddler or preschooler.

This pretty sensory bottle is filled with pink blossoms to celebrate spring.

Autumn Leaves Sensory Bottle

If you're in autumn season instead, this beautiful Fall Leaves Sensory Bottle is perfect.

Full of leaves in autumnn colours, this swishy, swirly bottle is fun to play with indoors or out.

One great way to celebrate Autumn is with one of these Fall-themed sensory bottles.

Filled with all kinds of natural items found outside in autumn, your kids will love being able to bring all that bounty inside.

Winter is a fun time for kids, especially if they get to build a snowman!

But if there's no snow they can still make snowman crafts or enjoy this fun sensory bottle.

They'll smile as they watch their little snowmen swirl around in a sea of glittery "snow", even if it's the middle of the Summer!

If you prefer a winter themed sensory bottle to be more focused on snowflakes than snowmen, this glittery wonderland is all you need.

Gazing into this sensory bottle can sweep you away into a swirling blizzard as you wander through a mountain meadow.

You could even make this Disney Frozen inspired sensory bottle full of Elsa colour glitter and sequins.

The perfect calm down tool for any Frozen fan!

When it's time for young ones to come into the house in the evening, they can still bring the night sky inside with them with these beautiful star gazing discovery bottles.

And the real stars don't move around quite like these do!

Hidden away in a sea of white rice, a few friendly little bugs wait for your child to spy them.

These sweet smiling insects are a fun and gentle reminder of how much smaller our insect friends are and how important it is that we are kind to them.

Even kids who don't like bugs will love this sensory bottle!

They may also like:

This LMNO Peas sensory bottle is so much fun - like alphabet soup in a bottle.

Watch kids as they try to find ways to line up letters or to find words from the random mix of letters floating around.

And the smallest children will have a great opportunity to learn to recognize and identify the letters of the alphabet!

This is another version of a winter sensory bottle for kids who prefer something more colourful.

It still has that winter feel, but involves a lot more blue along with cool trinkets like buttons.

This glittery sensory bottle is so lovely, it is easy to just drift off to the North Pole for a while as you gaze into its depths.

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