Toys that Encourage Kids to Be Creative

Childhood is one of the best times to nurture your creativity, so giving kids all the tools they need to explore their imaginations will help them to express their rich inner world.

But what toys are ideal for the job?

Fortunately, most toys encourage some level of creativity in children, but some are better suited to the task than others.

If you’re determined to help your children be as creative as possible while they’re young, this list of toys is for you.

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Markers, Paints, and Pencils

Arts and crafts are by far the best way for kids to be more creative.

What’s more, they’ll have the chance to start developing their fine motor skills, practicing precision and hand-eye coordination when coloring in between the lines or building models.

While paints and pencils are staples for any craft cupboard, don’t be afraid to push the boat out.

Kids love tactile materials like glitter, felt, and pipe cleaners.

Even if you’re not sure what to make with them, your children will have lots of great ideas. 

Alternatively, look for ideas online and create pieces of art together or try some of our fun craft ideas.


Make-believe isn’t always seen as a traditional creative pursuit, but it requires a lot of imagination for children to play with their dolls in different scenarios.

Playsets come with lots of different characters and props that are perfect for creating different kinds of stories.

You can find playsets based on a particular cartoon or ones with generic characters that are a blank canvas for your child to experiment with.

Get some ideas here:

Dress-up Clothes

Similarly to playsets, dress-up toys and costumes will help your children immerse themselves in a creative world of their own making.

If you have multiple children in your home, buying a box full of different clothes can encourage your kids to all play together and bounce ideas off one another.

Sometimes creativity is a better group activity than a solo pursuit, especially for young children.

This way they can gain a deeper understanding of the way other people’s minds work and use this knowledge to shape their own opinions and understanding of the world.

Notebooks and Pens

If your child loves making up stories and playing pretend, buying them a notebook and some multicolored gel pens can encourage them to write down some of their ideas.

Not only can this be a brilliant creative outlet, but it will also be an amazing memory for your son or daughter when they’re older.

If they hold onto creativity into their adult years, these special notebooks might give them their next big idea years into the future. 

What’s more, keeping a diary or writing regularly in a notebook can encourage discipline.

If your child is older, they’ll soon start to realize that creativity isn’t just about having fun.

If you really want to create something valuable, you have to put the work into it.

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