12 Beautiful and Personal Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It's time to celebrate our mums again this month with Mother's Day in the UK falling on Sunday 19th March.

Do something special for your mum this year, or start dropping some serious hints about what you want this year!

Time together invariably tops the list of what mums want for Mother's Day, but some well chosen gifts will always go down well too.

Read on for our pick of the best Mother's Day gifts that speak to her interests and personality, rather than yet another 'I love you Mum!' mug or bunch of flowers.

Finding original gifts that feel personal doens't have to cost a fortune, just a bit of hunting and effort to find.

Luckily, we've done the hard work for you!

20 Beautiful and Personal Mother's Day Gifts

Grab one or more of these cute gifts, throw in some great food - afternoon tea anyone? - and give her the chance to take some time off and your mum will be happy as larry!

1. For the Best Ever Breakfast in Bed

Mums deserve breakfast in bed at least once a year!

Treat her to this beautiful tray to make it even more special.

2. For the Mum Who Deserves a Pamper

This pretty pamper box is the perfect me-time gift for busy mums.

She'll love the simple but indulgent design and beautiful packaging.

3. For the Jewellery Loving Mum

This beautiful bracelet features both a name and birthstone of your choice, so you can choose hers or yours.

Either way, every time she looks at this beautiful jewellery, mum will think of you.

4. For the Candle Loving Mum

If your mum loves candles you just found her new favourite one!

This personalised candle glows through the jar all the way down creating a beautiful glow.

5. For the Mum Who Loves to Be On Trend

More than 50% of all Mother's Day gifts include flowers so she will be delighted with a vase to hold them.

Better still, these ribbed vases are bang on trend and look great even when empty.

6. For the Long-lasting Gift

This year, instead of cut flowers consider giving her a living plant instead.

Whether you choose a cactus, a bonsai tree, flower bulbs or a more traditional indoor potted plant like a money plant ir spider plant, this gorgeous personalised planter will ensure your mum enjoys her gift long after Mother's Day.

7. For the Sea Loving Mum

Does she love to be beside the seaside?

This gorgeous sea glass pendant is the perfect reminder of days at the beach with you and will be something she treasures for years to come.  Just gorgeous!

8. For the Mum with a Sweet Tooth

Indulge her sweet tooth with this gorgeous selection of brownies and blondies.

So many delicious flavours - and even better if you promise she can keep (most of) the box to herself!

9. For the New Mum

Help the new mum show off her status with this cute MAMA necklace on its delicate chain.

You can personalise it with whatever letters you like, but Mama is perfect for any new (or not so new) mum.

10. For the Mum Who Needs to Relax

Give mum the gift of relaxation with the ultimate pampering gift.

Give her some time off to slip into a favorite pair of PJs, read a good book, soak in the bath and have an early night. Bliss.

11. For the Coffee Loving Mum

If your mum loves her morning coffee, add this beautiful cup with its botanical design to her collection.

The perfect thing for spring time cups of coffee - or tea. Personalise as required.

12. For the Star Gazing Mum

Add something unusual to her wall art collection with this personalised zodiac print featuring all of her loved ones' star signs.

The constellations work together to create a unique picture she will love.

I hope you find something there your mum will LOVE.

But remember, if budgets are already stretched in the current climate, mothers love every pasta necklace, skew-whiff craft, crayon drawing, poetry composition and finger painting their child makes. 

Stuck to the fridge or displayed in a beautiful frame, our children's artwork becomes a priceless original.

And, ulotimately, what most mums want is to spend time with their beautiful family so make some plans to do something together.

Gifts are very welcome, but entirely optional!

Find more beautiful Mother's Day gifts on Etsy.

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