20 Creative Ways to Surprise Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is an extremely important day. One day hardly feels like enough time to appreciate all the wonderful things Moms do. 

If planned properly, Mother's Day can be a fantastic opportunity to surprise her with something truly special. 

Whether you are an adult child or a partner trying to help your kids plan something special, there are many creative ways to surprise Mom on her special day this year. 

Creative Ways to Surprise Mom on Mother's Day

There is nothing quite like a mother's love. All the effort and caring Moms put into their daily lives, raising their families, working hard, and wearing many hats can be overwhelming.

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity, a day that allows us to show mom how much we appreciate all that effort and love.

How to Make Mother's Day Special

Planning a creative surprise is sure to make the day memorable.

Here are 20 creative ways to surprise mom on Mother's Day:

1. Breakfast in Bed 

While this suggestion seems obvious, there is more to it than just throwing some cereal in a bowl and delivering it to her room.

Get creative. What is her favorite breakfast food?

If it's pancakes, jazz them up using this Pistachio, Oat and Cranberry Pancakes recipe. It's so easy the kids can help make it, too.

The sky is truly the limit. In fact, this can also be all about presentation.

Deliver Mom her breakfast in bed on a beautiful tray decorated with fresh cut flowers. Don't forget to include her favorite morning drink to go with it.

2. Handmake a Mother's Day Card or Craft

While buying a card from a store can be thoughtful and special, there is just something about a handmade Mother's Day card that is unique.

Creating a handmade card or craft can be a great way to show your creativity.

If you have little ones, have them make handprint art on the cards by using nontoxic paint and stamping their hands onto the paper.

This will not only create a cool effect but it also makes the card a keepsake that mom will cherish for years.

There are many fantastic Mother's Day Crafts that your kids can make to make her day special. 

3. Have a Picnic 

If the weather permits, a picnic in a local park, nature spot or even in your backyard can be a beautiful experience for Mom.

Pack up some picnic essentials, and head out in search of the perfect picnic spot.

Don't forget to pack a comfy blanket and a good book for Mom to read under a tree. 

4. Take Her to Her Favourite Restaurant 

Treat mom to a nice dinner out at her favorite restaurant. Just make sure you call ahead and make a reservation ahead of this busy day1

If you want to make it super special, surprise her. Tell Mom to get dressed up in her favorite fancy attire and don't let her know where you are going.

Invite your siblings, their partners, and their kids to surprise her at the table, too. 

5. Write Her a Mother's Day Song 

Music is most often regarded as the language of the soul.

Write your mom a very special song about how much you love her and why.

There are several programs you can use to create music to go along with the lyrics you write.

Even if your singing voice isn't going to win you awards, it's the thought that counts.

Print the song lyric and put it on a nice background and frame it for mom to keep forever. 

6. Make a Family Video Montage

There are many different video editing tools out there that can help you create a beautiful video for Mother's Day.

Even if you have older tapes, you can take them to a place that converts them to DVD or puts them on a flash drive.

Create a gorgeous video montage of your family videos set to music and then save it for Mom to keep. 

She can watch it over and over again, celebrating memories that will last a lifetime. 

7. Spruce up the Family Photo Albums 

Family photo albums are a great way to keep the memories you created together alive.

Surprise your mom this Mother's Day by organizing them neatly into labeled albums.

She is sure to enjoy reminiscing and looking over them with you on Mother's Day. 

8. Create a Photo Book 

Photo books make for a fantastic Mother's Day Gift.

They can be personalized with quotes, dates, and descriptions of each photo.

The best thing about creating a photo book is that it can be very unique to your family.

Opt for a hardcover and it will look wonderful on Mom's coffee table. 

Why nto add one of our best cakes to make for Mother's Day to the table too?

9. Write Mom a Poem 

You don't have to be an experienced poet to write mom a beautiful Mother's Day poem.

You can write a poem in any style. Whether you choose a haiku, a free verse or a sonnet, you are sure to impress mom with your heartfelt words.

Make it even more unique and special by framing it for her to keep forever. 

10. Make Mom's Life Story into a Book

This is a great way to spend quality time with your mom on Mother's Day.

Sit down with Mom and have her tell you about some of her favorite memories.

What makes your Mom who she is? Use these anecdotes and stories to create a book about your Mom. 

Not only will you get to spend a lot of quality time with your mom and get to know her better, but you will have a beautiful gift to give her in return. 

11. Surprise Mom with a Family Photoshoot

Invite the entire family to participate in a family photoshoot on Mother's Day.

Arrange for hair, wardrobe, and make-up to be done for everyone once they arrive at the photo shoot location.

This will keep everything a surprise for your mom.

It will be a fun day of taking candid photos, you will create amazing memories and you will have photos to cherish forever. 

12. Host a Talent Show 

Does she love those Tv talent shows? Have the entire family join together to put on a wonderful talent show for mom.

Mom gets to be the judge!

A Mother's Day talent show is a fantastic way to spend some time with mom, get some laughs and entertain her at the same time.

Want to savor the memory? Make sure you record the show to watch back later. 

13. Have an At-Home Painting Night 

You don't have to be Bob Ross to have fun at home paint night with Mom for Mother's Day!

Get some canvases, palettes, paints, easels, and brushes, and get ready to paint.

Find a painting tutorial online to make it easier, or paint from your imagination.

Give your paintings to Mom as a gift when you are done. 

14. Plan a Mother's Day At-Home Spa Day

A spa day can be exciting but it is even more comforting when it is done at home.

This is a great way to surprise mom with a unique experience right in the comfort of her own home.

Get face masks, foot soaks, and cut up some cucumber slices for her eyes.

Make sure that you have all the spa day pampering necessities on hand like a cozy robe, some fresh cucumber water and even some lavender scented candles.

Once ready, get mom to sit somewhere comfortable and give her a face pack or a Mani/Pedi as she relaxes. 

15. Plan a Staycation

Explore your community together on Mother's Day by planning a staycation.

Visit local attractions that mom hasn't been to yet like the zoo or a museum and then head to a nearby hotel.

You don't have to leave your community to experience new and exciting things and create special memories. 

16. Plant a Garden Together

Take mom to your local garden center and have her pick out her favorite plants and any tools you will need to create a garden.

Then, head home and spend the day planting a beautiful garden for your mom to enjoy.

You will get some quality time together and she will have a beautiful garden to admire for the rest of the season. 

17. Run Mom a Mother's Day Bath 

Run Mom a Mother's Day bath. This is not just any bath, this bath will be complete with beautiful bubbles, candles, and her favorite book.

In fact, you can put on some relaxing music and make sure she has her favorite drink close by.

She will emerge relaxed, happy, and feeling appreciated. 

18. Take a Cooking Class Together 

Mom may be an amazing chef but there are so many fun specialty cooking classes that she could enjoy.

Arrange a class that specializes in different cuisines from around the world.

You will have fun together and get to learn something new at the same time.

Don't want to have to go somewhere to engage in a cooking class?

There are several online options you can participate in from home, too. 

19. Clean the Entire House 

Some moms have a hard time relaxing and focusing unless the house is clean and cozy.

Clean the entire house from top to bottom so Mom doesn't worry about the mess.

If you would rather spend the day doing things with your mom, hire someone to clean the house while you are out having fun. 

20. Take Mom on a Mother's Day Shopping Spree

Take mom out on a fun shopping spree. You can help her pick out new items, try things on and enjoy some quality time together.

A shopping spree can be a lot of fun for Mom, especially if she is in need of some new clothing, make-up or home decor items. 

There are several creative ways to surprise Mom on Mother’s Day this year.

Whether you choose to pick one activity or do a few of them, Mom is sure to feel special this year. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

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