Children's Toys That Stand The Test of Time

There are all kinds of fantastic toys out there for kids these days.

Thanks to technology there are more weird and wonderful inventions to keep kids engaged and occupied than we ever could have dreamed of a few decades ago.

However, that doesn't mean that older styles of toys should be overlooked, and actually, many of these things are still popular for a reason.

Not only have traditional styles fof toys stayed as favourites over generations, but they also last children for longer throughout their childhoods.

They encourage their imagination and skills more than many modern toys, and unlike flashy gadgets with lots of buttons to press (which can quickly lose their novelty appeal) these things always remain fun.

Here are some examples - if you’re pregnant or a new parent looking to invest in good quality toys that will last and help your childs development then these are some of the best. 

Wooden Toys

Wooden toys can come in all shapes and sizes, from blocks to pull along toys, stacking toys, musical instruments and more.

They’re much more sustainable than plastic and tend to last longer too.

Wooden toys also tend to look really nice (from a parents perspective!) compared with colourful plastic. 

When it comes to blocks, these are great for learning how to hold and grip as a baby, and can be used to stack, balance and count as they get older.

They can be used in imaginative ways, like making them into a race car track, or pretending that they’re food at a tea party.

Always buy from reputable sellers like Zidar kid toys so you can be sure that any paint or varnishing used on the wood is safe and lead free.

Dolls and Stuffed Animals

These kinds of toys have always been favourites with children, as we tend to form an emotional attachment to them.

We all remember our childhood bear or dolly, how we would cuddle them in bed and take them to the park with us.

They become a constant companion, and we treat them like they’re real.

Dolls and stuffed animals are a good way for children to learn about empathy, as a parent we can say things like ‘oh no, poor bear!’ when it falls off the bed, and encourage babies and children to nurture and be gentle with them like they would a baby. 

Musical Instruments

Its easy to want to dodge the musical instrument section of the toy shop when you’re a parent!

But getting these things for your kids is so worthwhile, and get them out when you dont mind a bit of noise.

Drums to bash, bells to ring, xylophones to whack and recorders to toot are all so much fun for little ones.

They’re great for sensory play as well as learning about cause and effect, how different things make different sounds.

As they get older they can become more refined, and move onto trickier instruments like guitars and violins.

Cars/ Vehicles

You can get all kinds of kids toy vehicles these days from high tech remote controls with ones that make sounds, flash and more.

But taking it back to basics, simple wood or metal cars with working wheels provide kids with hours of fun.

You could buy a ramp or track or encourage kids to make their own out of other things and get imaginative.

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Role-Play Toys

Role-play toys like wooden kitchens, workbenches and shop sets are great sources of entertainment as well as being perfect for a child's expanding creativity.

Kids love to copy what we do as adults and these kinds of things give them the ability to do that, it’s more chances to learn about the names of the objects, shapes, colours and what to do with each item.

If you go to any kids playgroup or play centre, the toy kitchen will almost always feature and it’s always a hit and for good reason!

They can pretend to make meals and learn about different ingredients, learn about switching things on and off and so much more.

These are great for babies as soon as they’re able to sit up, all the way into childhood where they can create more complex games.

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