10 Must Do Daily Cleaning Tasks for a Sparkling Clean Home

Do you find yourself looking round in despair, wondering just how other people keep their home looking so sparkling and fresh?

Read on!

Yes, you too can have a sparkling clean home - without giving up your kids / job / life to make it happen!

Finding a daily cleaning routine that works well for you can be a struggle.

It can be hard for anyone, but it is especially hard if you work outside of the home, have small children, home educate your kids, have health issues or are just a very busy person.

Instead of trying to complete a long, drawn out cleaning routine or, even worse, letting it wait until it gets very very bad, break your list down to just 10 must-do daily cleaning tasks.

These 10 tasks will help you have a sparkling clean home without a ton of work.

The bigger, deeper spring cleaning tasks can wait until you’re able to fit them in better.

We tackle one or two of the bigger jobs each week and, alongside these 10 daily cleaning jobs, that keeps everything ticking over nicely without losing out on family time. Win-win!


First and foremost, dishes should be done once a day at a minimum.

When you allow a sink full of dishes to pile up, you not only end up having to work harder to get them clean, but they can make your whole kitchen smell like a dirty sink. Yuck!

To work smarter, not harder at keeping the dishes done, try to wash them up as they get dirtied. It will eliminate the sink full and help keep you on track.

Oh, and make certain you’re drying and putting clean dishes away. Otherwise they will stack in the dish rack or dishwasher and make your kitchen look cluttered and overwhelming.

Sweep or Vacuum

No matter what floor coverings you have, you can bet that they get dirty every day.

If you allow this dirt to stay on the floors, it will track into other rooms and take more work to rid yourself of it. This is especially true of dust.

Instead, do a quick sweep or vacuum once a day, ideally first thing in the morning.

This will keep things looking great and minimize the amount of work you have to do. 

Spot Mop

Your kitchen and other hard covered floors really only need to be fully mopped or steam cleaned once a week, but you can bet they will have a spill or two before that.

When that happens, grab your mop and spot mop the floor. You might even be able to persuade the kids to do this one!

It will keep the house looking much cleaner and only takes a minute or two to finish. Plus you avoid another job that will get worse and worse the longer you leave it.

Take the Trash Out

At the end of each day, empty all bins or trash cans and take the bags out to your outside bins and recycling.

Trash left in cans not only looks bad, but can smell quite bad.

If you have dogs, they may also decide to get into the trash and drag it everywhere.

To keep it from being a super mess, remove it from your home nightly.

Clean Pet Areas

Speaking of pets, don’t forget to straighten and clean their areas.

This can include changing and deodorizing litter boxes, cleaning around their food and water bowls and sprucing up any pet beds.

Not only will your pets feel more comfortable in their own areas, but your house will look a little bit better for it.

Pick Up Toys

If you have small kids, You probably have toys everywhere at least once a day!

They can make your home look cluttered and dirty and in some cases may even pose a tripping risk.

A quick pick up can make all the difference. Your home will be a bit cleaner and no one will step on any LEGO in the middle of the night!

Straighten the Bathroom Sink

Other than the toilet, cleaning your bathroom doesn’t need to be fully done daily.

But, even if the bathroom is clean, it can look incredibly dirty if your bathroom sink is cluttered.

Since it is such a quickly accomplished task, making it a daily cleaning task can help keep your bathroom looking great.

Clear Your Biggest Clutter Magnet

We all have clutter magnets in our homes and like it or not, those clutter magnets make our homes look incredibly messy and even dirty.

This is why once a day, you should take the time to clean and clear whatever your biggest clutter magnet is.

If it doesn’t belong, put it where it goes. Then, give the area a good dusting or sweep and call it good.

The old adage "A place for everything, and everything in its place" is the perfect philosophy to adopt.

Once you know how to organize your home, everything gets a lot easier!

Wipe the Kitchen Counters and Stove

Our biggest clutter magnet is our kitchen, the place where everything happens.

The worktop and the kitchen table quickly acquire a motley collection of paperwork, books, hair ties, mail, cables, toys and home school papers throughout the day. It's a mess!

So, while you’re doing dishes, take the time to clear and wipe down the kitchen counters and the stove.

It makes no sense to do just one of the two daily kitchen chores.

Having clean counters gives you the option to actually use your counters vs. the counters simply being a cluttered and/or dirty mess that can’t be used until it’s cleaned.

Freshen the Air

Finally, one daily cleaning task that you might enjoy is freshening the air.

Your home can be white glove test clean but if it has even the slightest off smell, it will appear dirty to other people.

To prevent this, use essential oils and plants to help your home have an amazing fresh and calming smell, like a spa.

Another great idea is to hide bowls of baking soda around the house. It will help to absorb any funky odours and work for you to keep the house smelling great.

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